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Different Flowers To Plant At Your Home

Updated on November 19, 2011

We all love flowers, bright little living organisms that make the world around them seem brighter. The buzzing of the bees, the aromatic scent they give. However, somehow every time you plant your favourite flower or another it seems to die in a few days.

What is it that you are doing wrong? Too much water, too little water, is the soil infertile or wait! Could it be that the flower is incapable to grow in that specific environment. Now your soil fertility can be checked by growing some local flowers or asking your gardener to add some natural manure or artificial fertilizer to it. The watering should be done once a day for most flowers and it should be done either in the morning or around twelve in the afternoon. 

Now first things first, to help flowers grow properly you need to provide them well enough to give them a good start.

This can be done by carefully using analogous types of flowers and plants and growing them in a spacious area that is not the diameter of a football field, but not the diameter of a needle either. The space between them should be of at least two adult hands. To check the check the space simply place one hand after the other on the soil, make a mark using a stone and then plant the flowers or plants.

Types Of Flower To Plant

Now here are few certain aspects which will help you decide the types of flowers you could plant in your home, making it bright, comfortable and happy.

There are different flowers for different conditions. There are different flowers for shady areas, different ones for sunny areas, for salty soils, wet soils and pest control.

Types Of Flowers For Shady Spaces

Alright before you start trying to plant flowers find some information about them. Do these flowers love shady places? Do they love sunny places? Again the local gardener or the local flower shop is your main help. Ask them, they will be able to tell you which flower is best for shady areas. Examples of flowers that love the shade are:

Pink Dogwood.
Pink Dogwood.
  • Flowering Dogwood trees which love to be planted in shady areas, it’s a tall tree that produces a bright set of flowers.
  • Red Osier Dogwood when planting this be careful! Because this cannot survive heavy winds or intense sunlight. This produces a few and small flowers.

Now these are just some examples of flowers that require a shady area to grow. However, these may not be usable in your area. Therefore you need to contact our local gardener. If you live in an area with little sunlight and water then you may want to try plants such as:

A good plant to add to your flower garden.
A good plant to add to your flower garden.
  • Liriope Spicata: This plant is a member of the lily flower family. It looks like grass with its thin leaf structure, but it is quite attractive. The flower it produces is spiky and long, and usually is white or lavender.
  • Foxglove Plants: The foxglove gibes tiny but beautiful and colourful flowers which are very aromatic. However, the foxglove is poisonous so please do not grow it an area where the children can try to taste it.

Yes these names sound confusing, but basically these are certain plants that grow in areas with little sunlight and water.

Snow in summer.
Snow in summer.

Types Of Flowers For Sunny Spaces

Ever heard the statement: "If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen!"? Well it’s true that humans can decide where to live and grow, but you are making the decision for the plant. Please be careful. Find out first from a local gardener whether a plant can survive in intense sunlight or not. Here are few examples of flowers that love the sun:

  • Yellow Alyssum Flowers: These are low ground growing, that usually are found in rock gardens. They survive well in strong sunlight.
  • Snow-in-Summer Plants: Before you ask the question, if they love the sun then why called snow in summer plants? Well, to be honest a name is a name and we cannot change it, What you need to know is that this flower is snowy white and looks very pretty when in the garden.

Pink Daylily.
Pink Daylily.
Prickly Pear Cactus, another beautiful plant to add to your flower garden.
Prickly Pear Cactus, another beautiful plant to add to your flower garden.

Types Of Flowers For Salty Soils

Flowers have their own environments in which they can survive. Therefore, the soil should be fertile but it should be checked to identify its level of salt components.

If you live near the sea the salt level in your soil will be high. Ask your local plant or flower store for flowers that bloom best in salty soils. Here are some examples of salt tolerant flowers:

  • Daylilies: They are sweet scented flowers, that can add to the beauty of your home garden.
  • Prickly Pear Cactus: This does not provide any flowers, but provides a green and wild like effect. Looks great with flowers near it.


Types Of Flowers For Wet Soils

Certain flowers can thrive very well in wet soils, however some just cannot survive.

Therefore check with your local gardener to see what kind of soil you have. Some examples of flowers that thrive well in wet soils are:

  • Inkberry
  • Black chokeberry

Black chokeberry.
Black chokeberry.

To avoid pests you should use medicines that can be sprayed on flowers, they should not harm the flowers but should kill the pests and bugs.

Although, there have been many samples given please be careful as most of these flowers will probably not be available in your area. Again ask your local gardener and floral shops. But please keep these points in mind that you should know what environment the flower can thrive in.

Types Of Gardening Flowers


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