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Flower Planting Tips For Beginners

Updated on October 22, 2011

Planting flowers is a nice hobby and creative pastime. But to make the most of time and your seeds, and to make your look beautiful you need some proper guidelines. Without proper tips and guidelines you may end up with messing-up all your lawn, seeds, fertilizer and water. At beginning stages flower plantation you have to be more cautioned about the steps you take. Here are some ideas, tips and guidelines for the beginners on flower plantation.

Selection Of Location

At very first select your location. So select location where you want to plant the seeds. You must consider that what type of flowers you’re going to plant and what they need to grow better, they may more shade and little sunlight or it is all right to there is all time shade or they can bear the sunlight all the day. If you have some limited space then pick a flower that could grow better in those conditions.

Prepare The Place Properly

Prepare the growing space properly. Till the soil deeper, flower roots go down deep in the soil. Use proper fertilizer and chemicals.

Water it as it should be. Take out all stones from the soil. Uneven distribution of fertilizer and chemical may affect the plants and flowers. Till the soil well, break down all big chunks. Do keep in mind which type of flower you’re going to plant and what type of tilling it needs. If it has a shallow root system then you have to till the soil shallow otherwise deep.

Choose A Healthy Plant

Make a wise decision while choosing a flower plant. Choose a healthy whose leaves are fresh. They plant must be free all sorts of fungi and infection and insects.

Foliage of the plant must be free from disease. Avoid the wilted ones.

Discolor leaves and flowers are sign of unhealthy plants, avoid it. Keep it in mind, that in plantation of flowers, success starts with nice pick of plant.

Set The Roots Free

Pull the plant out of the pot. Pull it with care keeping the root-ball as contact as possible. Detach the roots with your hands or you may have to entwined or cut it by means knife or blade. Detaching the roots will help plants to spread the root system. If you set the roots free it would easily spreads in new area.

Detach The Flower

Detach the flower before shifting plant from pot to lawn. No doubt flowers look pretty.

But, the fact is, when plant shifted from a place to another it needs more energy to spread its root.

It is better that you pinch the flower off the plant so that roots will be able to take more energy.

It would results is larger number of healthy flowers in good physical shape plant later on.

Plant It Correctly

Do take care that you planted the flowers correctly. Keep in mind which plant needs deep plantation and which needs shallow. Also have a check on sun light.

Flowers which need more sunlight should be placed in the area where there is more sunlight while other must place in shade.

Well Watered

After planting the plants, water it well. Do not give excess of water; it may ruin all your plants. On the other hand, giving very less water would dry your plants.

Adequate amount on water keep it healthy and fresh. If you water your plants too much it would not produce flowers, larger amount of water would make them produce new leaves rather than flowers.

Keep The Pest And The Disease Away

Keep your flowers and plants save from pest and disease. Use proper insecticides on it, on the right time.

Do not use very intense formula or in a very large quality, it may harm the plant as well. Pests destroy the flowers badly; it mostly attacks in springs when flowers are ready to bloom. Disease attack plants and destroy the plant respiration system which results in drying up of plants. 

Watch Out For Weeds

Do not let the weeds having the water and nutrients’ share of your plants. Watch out and clean the weeds on regular basis.

Do take care of the flowers like babies. They needs your attention proper water and fertilizers and above all needs to be taken care of.  

Beginners Guide To Setting Up A Garden


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    • may018 profile image


      7 years ago from Philippines

      flowers are truly interesting,nice write-ups


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