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Discount Flooring

Updated on February 24, 2011

There are two reasons why you might want to replace a floor.  One is to improve the value of your home.  Changing from carpet to discount tile flooring or even discount laminate flooring will increase the home value.  The other reason is if your old floors are damaged and need to be repaired.  Sometimes it is more cost effective to replace the whole floor rather than try to repair a damaged one.  If you are looking to improve the value of your home or just upgrade an old floor that has seen better days, you are probably interested in discount flooring so that the project is not too expensive.  There are many ways you can save money when installing new floors.  Some of those ways include choosing the right materials, buying from the right places, and having the right people install it.  You can save money in any of these three ways.

One of the most popular flooring choices is hardwood floors.  There are many different options when it comes to hardwood flooring and many of them are good discount options.  There are three types of hardwood flooring to choose from and each one is slightly less expensive than the last.  The first option is pure hardwood flooring.  The wooden strips need to be nailed in to a frame.  This is the most expensive option.  A discount hardwood flooring option is to have floor strips that have a hardwood backing with wood veneer top.  These are less expensive than pure hardwood because the wood on the bottom does not have to be treated and is never seen so you can choose less expensive varieties of wood.  The best discount wood flooring option is laminates.  Laminate discount wood floors look just as good as real wood floors, but they are significantly less expensive.  Usually the base of this kind of flooring is a composite fiberboard.  Laminate floors are much easier to install because they comes with a locking system and you do not have to nail each piece individually.  Laminate flooring is much less expensive than real hardwood.  For example, hardwood can run as much as $5.00 per square foot where laminate can be as little as $1.50 per square foot.

Choosing laminate over real wood is only one material choice that could save you money.  There are also discount floor tile options.  Marble tiles are probably the most expensive, but travertine is a good replacement.  Travertine tile patterns are very similar to the patterns you find in marble.  So you can get the marble look without the marble price tag.  Other less expensive tile options include ceramic tile or unfinished slate tiles.  The less the tiles are treated, the less they will cost.  Probably the most cost effective flooring choice is carpet.  Discount carpeting is easy to find and very cheap when compared to hardwood floors or stone tiles.

In addition to choosing less expensive materials, you can buy your flooring materials at certain places to get discount flooring. One option is a discount flooring warehouse. Large stores like this are often advertised on television and are typically locally owned and not national chains. You will see a video that is an example of one of these advertisements below. Another way to get discount flooring is to shop online. It is usually easier to find sales online than to find them in brick and mortar stores. Buying your flooring materials from wholesalers is another way to ensure that you get discount flooring. One last way to get discount flooring is to watch for brands, shades, etc. that have been discontinued. Once a company discontinues a line, they are more interested in getting rid of the inventory than in making a significant profit.

Finally, if you want to save money on a new floor then you should consider a flooring do-it-yourself project.  Doing the installation work yourself can really save you a lot of money.  When stores offer to install the discount flooring you buy from them, you should realize that you are paying for a lot more than the time it takes them to install the floor.  You are paying for their transportation time, expertise, and tools, etc.  If you buy a few books or a few videos on how to install whatever kind of flooring you are interested in, then most floor installation projects are completely doable.


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