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Travertine Tile

Updated on October 25, 2009

A popular building material used in many homes today is travertine tile.  Travertine is sedimentary rock that is formed by the precipitation of carbonate minerals from geothermally heated hot springs.  Travertine tiles and travertine have been used in construction for centuries.  The Coliseum is made of travertine as are many other long lasting buildings.  Travertine can be used for floor tile, wall tile, or decorative facades.  Some people will call these tiles travertine limestone or travertine marble but they are neither limestone nor marble.  Travertine floor tiles are a material of construction all their own and are a very durable and long lasting choice that can be installed rather inexpensively.

Travertine floor tile is characterized by the pitted nature of the stone leaving holes and troughs throughout.  The color of travertine tile patterns varies from grey to a coral color.  Just like marble or slate, the unique color variations and patterns of each tile make this an interesting floor covering.  A unique quality of travertine tile is that there are two ways to cut the tiles and the two cuts give very distinctive looks.  If the tiles are cut on a cross cut or with the grain then the tiles have a uniform color and texture.  However, if they are ct on a vein cut or against the grain then the appearance of the tile is mottled and you get a tiger stripe effect.

Travertine floor tiles also come in many finishes that each have their own look and are appropriate for different situations. One finish is honed. This is when the travertine tile is sanded to a matte finish. Another style is tumbled where the tiles are literally tumbled with gravel or a like material so that the finished product has a very rough look. A third style that also has a rough finish is brushed travertine tile. The tiles are brushed with a wire brush so that the surface looks worn and textured. Some people do not like the pitted nature of travertine tiles so they choose to fill in the troughs and holes. This style is called a filled finish. Some homeowners will even go a step further and go with polished travertine tile. The polished tile is used quite often for travertine wall tiles. The smooth and shiny surface is great for a wall surface because it is not uncomfortable to lean up or brush against.

Even if you buy discount floor tile, there are a few things to remember in travertine tile installation and travertine tile care to make sure your tile looks great. First, it is important to always use a sealer when installing travertine tile. The holes and troughs are excellent places for dirt and grime to accumulate and the travertine tile sealer will make the tile easier to clean in the end. When doing travertine tile cleaning you should remember that acidic substances could easily damage travertine tile. Therefore, you should stay away from cleaners that have citrus elements or homemade cleaners that use lemon or orange juice.

Travertine tile is beautiful and an excellent choice for any home improvement project like a complete kitchen makeover or bathroom remodeling. One thing that makes it an especially good investment is that you can install travertine for about the same price as a hardwood floor or porcelain tile. However, travertine looks like marble floor tiles and therefore looks more expensive than it is. In addition, any stone tile, even slate floor tiles add more value to your home than porcelain tile or wooden flooring. The cost benefit ratio is high with this flooring and wall covering choice. Make sure to mention travertine tile to your kitchen or bathroom remodeling contractor.


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      Aggelalove 4 years ago

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      Will 4 years ago

      These settings don't give us the real eqenacturgular projection. The top and the bottom of this projection should stretch nadir point along bottom edge and zenith at the top one. So displayed panorama wouldn't have funny squeezes.

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      I look a little bit more about the pamorana option this week This is not a equirectangular projection it seems to be a cylindrical projection (in blender render). I wish that the blender team will change it for a real equirectangular. If you want to present your stuff with a 360 viewer you will get some resolution problems (the pamorana have to be convert, and you will get a bad final definition) So, for now, I think that the best way to proceed is to make multiple images and stich them togheter except if you want a 360 video I made these 2 test this week:sorry about my english, I'm a french frog