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Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Review

Updated on July 23, 2011

James Dyson, the famous inventor, hit the headlines a few years ago with his new invention – the bagless vacuum cleaner. They proved a great hit with their modern lines and bright colors. However, it was their unique selling point of not losing suction power, on difficult surfaces, that really set them apart from the rest. Recently, there have been a number of similar products, but Dyson keeps going from strength to strength and remarkably have been able to develop additional lines for the ever demanding public.

The latest offerings are based around their new concept of the Ball; essentially their upright vacuum cleaners are manoeuvred more easily, by pivoting and turning on a ball, instead of a fixed axis as in traditional vacuums and earlier Dysons. This means that you no longer have to push and pull the vacuum in straight lines or physically turn through angles to change directions. The Ball allows you to turn through smooth sweeping arcs and twist around tight corners to vacuum even the most hard to reach places. All of this will reduce the time it takes to vacuum leaving you free to do more enjoyable activities.

Best Dyson vacuum cleaner
Best Dyson vacuum cleaner

If, like me, you have problems getting your vacuum under bigger items of furniture you need worry no longer. The DC24's handle can be altered quickly and easily by adjusting a small lever on the back. Doing this will change the angle to make it even more manoeuvrable, in those tricky situations. There are the usual attachments which can be placed on the hose to tackle all different floors and situations. This model is relatively lightweight and a sturdy handle is integrated, to make lifting much easier and more comfortable than earlier Dyson products.

The issues of size, weight and storage – historical sticking points in the vacuum industry - has also been tackled by the clever engineers at Dyson. When putting away and not in use you can retract the steering handle into the body of the vacuum, so the DC24 reduces down to a comparatively minuscule 749 (height) x 280 (depth) x 349 (width) – a huge reduction of one third its usual height, means it will fit in to the smallest of utility cupboards.

The DC24 continues the design feature of the transparent collection unit which means you know when it is full, or getting there. To empty the contents, the simple trigger mechanism means removal of the collection unit could not be easier. To attach the unit back on the vacuum, you simply put it back in place, push and with a click it is secured. The capacity is somewhat disappointingly small and although this means you must empty it more often. This also means you will find you may have to empty it a number of times, if you are embarking on one of those 'big cleans'.

The DC24 ticks all the boxes in the environmental stakes as well, meaning you can rest assured that you are doing your bit for the planet. You do not have to buy vacuum bags so you are reducing waste in this manner, whilst the filter can be easily removed and washed instead of having to be replaced. Like previous models, Dyson has ensured approval by the British Allergy Foundation so is great for families with allergy problems. Any concerns you may have over the fragility of the DC24 can be put to one side as you can be safe in the knowledge that the collection unit is made from the same material as riot shields, although it is not advisable to use it as one. 

In regards to its ability to do the job it was designed for, the DC24 performs admirably and vacuums really well with no noticeable reduction in suction when full. As it is specifically designed for use on multiple surfaces, it does not disappoint and stands up well in tests.

The Dyson DC24 is a giant leap forward in this popular technology in regards to the Ball, is complimented by the trademark grey and yellow colouring and is reasonably priced. This model continues Dyson's commitment to pushing the boundaries and giving the customer what they really want, even if they weren't sure in the first place.

How the cleaner fits together - Dyson vacuum cleaner reviews
How the cleaner fits together - Dyson vacuum cleaner reviews

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