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Foreclosure Inventory

Updated on October 15, 2013

Retire On Income

People looking to jump into the real estate market are hoping to create a viable portfolio that causes their initial retirement nest egg to grow. Soon-to-be-retirees will be shocked to discover that the foreclosure market is extremely very small right now. Available foreclosure properties are down by over 34% from 2012 and the number of overall transactions has dwindlied to an low, not seen since 2008..

For most people in the workplace, the ultimate goal is to retire on income generated from social security benefits, 401k, mutual funds and investments. The dollar isn't stretching as far as it once did and a lot of middle aged employees are concerned about their retirement and how they will be able to survive in their twilight years.

Houses Are Scarce

Seriously delinquent mortgages have hit their lowest level, since 2008 and the availability of foreclosure properties is drastically reduced, as a result. Banks have created excruciating requirements on even the smallest loan. Pointing the finger directly at the government, things such as "government regulation" and "federal restrictions" are being ballyhooed for sympathy votes.

The problem with this strategy is that while they prevent hard-working Americans from purchasing modest homes, the CEO's are busy enjoying spa retreats and highly funded entertainment budgets. These banks are profiting off of the backs of honest, hard working people, just trying to forge a path and not be reliant on government assistance when it's time to settle down.

Where is the outrage and why isn't the government doing something to prevent this from happening? It's hard to imagine that the government is so out of touch with America and their needs. There's plenty of finger pointing and blame to go around, but that really isn't productive. What can be done now, to fix the problem and get America back towards productivity and employment?

Taking Control Of Your Future

One way that Americans can take more control of their future is by investing their 401 K into cash flow properties. Diversifying one's portfolio is a smart strategy that can prevent major losses. For example, taking all of your money and plugging it into the stock market, sounds like a smart move, but we all know that Wall Street is very unstable and can change quickly. If you don't have the time to keep track of every company's quarterly reports or watch the stock ticker, you could lose that money in a matter of days.

Is real estate the answer? That depends on the amount of risk you want to take. Investing your money is all about comfort level and modest gains. Few things in life are understood - we all need fresh water and food to live, we all need a roof over our heads and we're all going to pass away. Investing in shelter is not a horrible idea and if you followed even a few of the steps in this free e-book about real estate investing, you would be able to generate a profit and have your money working for you instead of being consumed and leaving you with nothing.

401K vs. Rental Homes


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    • boutiqueshops profile image


      5 years ago from Corpus Christi, Texas

      I've always been curious about buying foreclosures. You've given me some food for thought!


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