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Foreclosure Options - Answers - Facts

Updated on December 1, 2010

The Wave Is Upon Us!

Cave Style Anti-Foreclosures?
Cave Style Anti-Foreclosures? | Source
GO Tell Everyone You Know!
GO Tell Everyone You Know! | Source
Look even Ozzie is fed up with all these foreclosures!
Look even Ozzie is fed up with all these foreclosures! | Source

WhenThe People Are Not Protected

Our economic collapse has sealed the fate of many. It wasn't planned by them, nor did they even know what was about to happen to their lives. It was a wave, much like a tidal wave, sweeping across the nation. When the wave hit each family in America, people began to see what they were now in store for. When you have business like garbage removal, cleaners, doctors, lawyers, accountants, and of course retail going out of business know something is greatly wrong with this picture.

Unfortunately in the the business I'm in...the legal business, I am forced to witness too many things that leave a permanent impression on me. To be able to sleep at night knowing all of this is going on, is tough to say the least. That is if you care about people. Majority of the entities involved, and directly responsible for the economic collapse do not care about the people. Which is the reason the collapse occurred in the first place. When you set everything up to revolve around tyrannical control, to merely profit from the people of America, and globally...without any consideration for the people, you get this result. It's a simple mathematical equation, that was there, and identifiable from the start.

People are not a priority in the world of corporate profit. They are merely pawns in the mix used for the purpose of tyrants who are only interested in having control over them. An instrument used to facilitate profit in their pocket, whether you live or die is of no consequence to them. As a matter of fact, I have never seen a bank, insurance company, or the government attend the many funerals of people they have killed. Have you? They don't even know who you are, what was wrong with you, and the extreme trauma you have sustained. They have never given it a thought. I've never seen a bank in 30 years in the legal and banking business, offer help to a family being put out in the street. You were merely a piece of paper being passed from desk to desk, until it reached it's final evil entity within, and you were put out. There was no thought of where you would go, how you would find shelter. It doesn't matter that you have 3 children, and a sick spouse. None of that matters to them.

The entire system was destined to fail, if you are familiar with "forethought". It was known by many prior to the collapse, (including me) that this was destined to happen, and I saw it happening very early on. Going all the way back to the early eighties. Fraud has been rampant the whole time, and has never been properly addressed to date. It was conscientiously allowed by several industries, with no concern for the future. This was made to be the fabric of our society, which has now completely unraveled. It's the people who inevitably catch the brunt of all bad business in the U.S., and it was intentionally set up this way. Had they focused on the prosperity of people, and enhancement of people's lives, we would not be in this situation today.

Today is the beginning of change, for the better. That is if people take the initiative to fight back. Which is why I am writing more, and more about helping, and protecting yourself. All the attorneys I work with are also on the same path of educating people by the masses. It is imperative to pay attention to what is going on, and take the necessary steps to protect your families, and assets that you have worked so hard for, for so many years. I am sure I don't have to twist anyone's arm to convince them that this is just all wrong.

We are a well seasoned team of legal professionals who have decided it's high time the public be educated on their rights, their options, and strategies that can help them resolve, and protect their lives. We are so emphatic about this that we have launched a huge campaign to educate the public for free. One of the attorneys I work with, Carl Person, Esq. (a NYC/Fed. Attorney) has created videos which give you straight answers, real truth, and steps to take in all foreclosure situations. There is literally no situation out there we have not already seen, dealt with, or handled for the protection of consumers.

The fact is even in a situation like this, there are options and strategies that can be applied to protect yourself. You just have to know what those strategies are. We are going to tell you all of the options, and measures you can take modify, settle, refinance, or take action on your own behalf. No bank, or credit granting entity is going to protect your rights. They are only interested in making a profit off of you. No matter what your plight may be. This is how our economy was intentionally set up. No profiting entity will be sympathetic to your situation. They will even tell you, it's not their job.

If your are delinquent on a mortgage, and the value is below what you owe...You stop making the payments. It's that simple. It makes no mathematical sense to make payments on something that is in the negative. This is not your fault, and you should not feel responsible. If the bank is unwilling to settle for 20% below the actual value, in the end it will be them who deals with the consequences of that negative transaction. The values will continue to go down, so this must be factored into any modification/principle settlement. All homes that are valued below the current mortgage balance are dictated settlements, and modifications. Remember that the amount that the loan is settled for, the difference is taken as a huge tax write-off by the bank.

It's actually easy to modify, or settle a mortgage, if you know what to say. In this hub, I will be telling you how to do this, and then you can refer to Carl's videos to recap what has been discussed here. Use the hub, and the videos as a reference guide to take action on your behalf. You have our team as a back up, and information portal. It is our mission to inform the public on All their rights.

We are delivering critical information that directly affects all people in America, as well as globally. We know the inside inter-workings of industry, and can identify why this happened. It is at the hands of people who openly have committed crimes against humanity, and it's no secret at this point. We are all being forced to live in this alternate reality of a mismanaged, anti-people, system of bilking the public, for no good reason. It actually had, a has a rebound effect on them as well. It was pure stupidity to set up a system this way, because foresight, hindsight, and the projection for success was never there in the first place. If you are killing the population, how it is that you expect to continue making money off them?

Do you feel bad for the banks? They don't feel bad for you. None of them are loosing sleep over your situation. You are just another number, and document in a warehouse, collecting dust. Majority of these banks do not even have possession of your mortgage note! Demanding a copy of this mortgage note will cause a delay, and possible action you can take to stop your foreclosure, or force the hand of the bank to settle for the correct amount, and modify it to a sensible payment. That is the only correct way to resolve that type of scenario. Either way the bank is going to settle for less. Whether it be with you, or joe schmoe down the road. They don't look at mortgages as people. They look at you as a financial instrument that they can leverage.

Let's say you are in a home worth $250K, and you actually owe $350K, and your rate was around 7%. You have not made payments in 6-12 months. This is a typical scenario that is very prevalent right now. First you make a demand on the bank for a copy of the note. It's likely they will not have it. Once you learn this information you can navigate properly. The your next step is to make a demand in writing upon the bank to settle for at least 20% below today's value, for the principle amount, and a modified payment that fits within your income. You will demand a rate of 2-3% over a 30 year term. These are demands, not requests! Your rights have already been violated, now you need to respond appropriately. When you are armed with the necessary facts, (that they don't want you to know) you are able to get appropriate results in your favor.

You will put this demand in writing, (making at least 5 copies) with a 3 paragraph letter. First paragraph states briefly the plight, the problem, initial problem on your side. The second paragraph states your clear concise demands, (the above paragraph) and the third paragraph defines how this will rectify, and reinstate your ability to make the payments, and reestablish your life. At the bottom of the 3 paragraph letter, you will put cc: State Banking Commission, your attorney, consumer affairs, and any other entity you know is involved. Next to the CC: in parenthesis you will put, (next to the Banking Commission)(Will hold for 10 days). You will send this out to the bank, attention "Management", Over Night Mail. Making sure you get a tracking number, and signature of who signed for it at the bank. You have now put the bank on notice, and it is now up to them to do their job, and close the case amicably for all parties. If they don't, you will forward forward the copy of the letter to the entities indicated.

With this letter (over night mail) you will include three comparable homes for your block/neighborhood, demonstrating the current area values. This is what they will use anyway, so you will include at least 3 printed comparable properties from zillow .com, with the letter, making sure you have addressed each issue within the mortgage. If you feel you were charged exorbitant amounts in the closing, like points, processing fees, or other arbitrary hidden charges, make sure you mention this in the letter, briefly. Stick to the facts alone, and keep the emotion of the situation out of it.

Don't feel intimidated by any of these banks, or mortgage companies, they destroyed YOUR economy, and have decided all this for you, without your permission. It is now up to the people to action on behalf of the people. It's the people who really hold the power to change this. Which is why we are arming you with the necessary ammo to take front line action NOW! We are a strong army of people, who can handle this, and get the results we are actually deserving of. To be able to live peaceably, with the opportunity to flourish and grow into a productive self sustained society, and country. We can achieve this by working together as a team.

What I want back from the people, is for you to tell your friend, and they tell their friend, and everyone get's involved and stays involved together to protect all of our people. We are a worthy cause, and deserve much better than this, from all entities who govern particular areas of life. We were never given a choice here, all of this was done behind the backs of consumers, and with no thought of them whatsoever. Now the people will join together and spread the word of truth to everyone they know. I am going to make sure of that. Join the people now, and take back our rights to live happy, productive lives, we are all fully deserving of!

Please add your comments, scenarios, current situations, below. Let us, and everyone else know what is happening to you. We are keeping records on this data to document history. Share with the world what evil is happening in your life, so we can help you take action now!

Stop Paying Your Mortgage! Carl E. Person, Esq. Must Watch!

Meet Carl E. Person, Esq. He cares!

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    • Tamila Roberts profile image

      Tamila Roberts 

      7 years ago from Canada

      Your hub speaks true facts. I can't say much more then this, that was really an amazing post.

    • profile image


      7 years ago





      THEY ARE.

    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from The Island

      Free FAX Number! Inbound to your Email! Do you love Free or what?

    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from The Island

      Must read/watch video foreclosure facts - options - answers that can help you right now! Help us help people! Vote Up if you like!


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