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Unique Elegance of a Beautiful Garden Arbor Gate

Updated on June 28, 2009

The architectural beauty and elegance of a garden arbor gate will add an immediate focal point to any landscape design.  The most important thing to remember when designing an entryway into your property or garden is consistency.  Never mix and match materials because it will likely distract or place more emphasis on the differences between each element rather than on the design itself.  A well installed arbor and gate should blend with the surrounding structures to make a more subtle yet lasting impression on visitors. 

Arbor plans and kits can be found online or at most home improvement stores.  Plans usually contain step by step instructions and a detailed material list so you only have to purchase exactly what is needed for the project.  Kits on the other hand, come with everything included and are much easier to assemble and install.  Depending on the material you choose, the assembly will go fairly quickly. 

Photo by brierrabbit3030 @
Photo by brierrabbit3030 @

Make Your Property More Inviting with a Beautiful Arbor Gate

There are many types of arbor gates on the market today.  When choosing one to enhance your garden or property, make sure that it will first fit the space you have available.  If you have an existing fence, you can easily measure the space of the opening where a gate can be installed.  The best way to go is to install the gate and arbor right along with a new fence construction or install.  This way if you are on a tight budget, you can use the same material you are using for your fence to construct the arbor and gate.  Fence construction usually yields many extra pieces of material anyway, so transforming those extra pieces into a beautiful gate arbor should be fairly easy.

Durability of Garden Arbor Materials

Arbors can be made out of many different types of materials with some being more durable than others. Materials like vinyl and metal are of course going to be more durable than wood, for instance. Metals like aluminum, steel, and wrought iron are very sturdy but will of course cost much more to purchase. It has been noted that some climbing plants like roses and vines seem to better when grown with the assistance of a wooden surface so that is also something you will have to take that into consideration especially if you would like to grow plants with the help of your arbor.

Unique and Inviting Arbor Designs

A well designed arbor gate will contain lattice work or some other type of architectural element that will help promote and support plant growth.  Some structures also come with planters built-in to the design which is especially helpful should you decide to later move your arbor and gate.  The planters allow the plants to be moved right along with the structure and will save you time and money from having to transport the plants or buy new ones.  There is nothing more beautiful in a garden then a structure that is fully covered by flowering plants and vines.  The lush and colorful addition will bring attention to the most important part of your design, the entryway.  This is where people will gain access to the rest of your property or garden so you want that transition to be a remarkable one.

When installing your new garden arbor gate be sure to properly anchor it to the ground so that it is ready to support the extra weight from the plants.  There are many different types of climbing plants to choose from.  Roses and ivy are the most popular choices because they add vivid color to your landscape.  Check with your local greenery for plants that do well in your climate.  Some plants require maintenance while others will grow without a second thought.  Always keep this in mind when planting in your garden especially if you don’t have the time to tend to the well being of your plants.

Gardening with Arbors


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