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Affordable and Durable Metal Carports for Sale

Updated on March 31, 2010

Finding the best and most durable metal carports for sale can be fairly easy once you understand a little bit about the different types of structures such as which material, style, size, and installation is available on the market today.  A well installed metal carport can protect your personal belongings from weather events like rainstorms with damaging winds or hail, and even winter storms that bring large amounts of snow, ice, and sleet.  Daily exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and heat can also cause extensive damage to the exterior finish of your valued property.  Metal carport kits are shelters that provide protection from the elements while also providing you with easy access to all types of vehicles including cars, trucks, boats, RVs, and other recreational or service equipment. 

Before purchasing a carport kit you will need to find out if a permit is required for the installation of the structure.  The local codes enforcement department which is typically located at the city municipality building will be able to advise you correctly.  Most local contractors and carport dealers can also advise you about permit requirements in your area.  You should also consult with the local utility companies of your area before installing any outdoor structure that requires digging just in case there are any underground wires or pipes in the area where you plan to install your carport. 

Photo by Digicool @
Photo by Digicool @

Options in Types, Styles, and Materials of Metal Carports Kits

Typically carport kits come in different choices of materials like vinyl, wood, and metal. Wooden carports are the least durable of all because wood products can rot, warp, and deteriorate with many years of exposure to the elements and bugs. Wood carports do however look more like extension of your home rather than an out of place structure. Vinyl, steel, aluminum, and metal carports for sale are the most durable and usually the least expensive to purchase. Metal and vinyl are less likely to rot, warp, or crack with outdoor exposure and it is also resistant to bugs. When making a final decision, take special consideration to long-term maintenance as well. For instance, wood will eventually require painting or repair. You can find wooden, vinyl, and metal carport structures online through different manufacturer and distributors’ websites.

Deciding on a type of carport is probably the most difficult part in the selection process. Carport kits come in two basic types, completely or partially enclosed. Partially enclosed units work well when installed adjacent to your home. Partially opened units are also considered portable and can easily be moved should you decide to relocate it to another place. Completely enclosed structures can be installed anywhere on your property as long as the location is within the limits of your local codes requirements. Closed structures have the advantage of completely eliminating all exposure to the outdoor conditions. You can also lock up the unit so that your equipment is completely secure at all times.

Quality Brands Including Eagle, TNT, and Carolina Carports

Eagle Carports, Inc. began in 1997 and is located in North Carolina. Well known for their large selection of steel carports, storage buildings, and garages. Eagle offers two main styles of carport construction including standard rolled-corner and A-frame with boxed eve. Both styles are popular and very effective in keeping property protected from outdoor conditions.

T-N-T Carports, Inc. was founded in 1995 as a sole proprietorship then become a corporation in 1997, located in Mount Airy, North Carolina. Eagle carries a large selection of metal carport kits including open and closed styles. The company is also well known for quality metal structures including garages, mini storage units, and warehouses. T-N-T also offers custom built units to ensure that every customer gets exactly what they want and need.

Carolina Carports, Inc. began in 1997 and is located in Dobson, North Carolina. The company uses quality materials, equipment, and the latest technologies to create metal structures including regular, vertical roof, and boxed eve carports and garages. Carolina also carries a large selection of larges metal products including utility buildings and barns.

Easy to Install Carports


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