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Stylish Garden Hats and Sun Hats Best Choice For Outdoor Hobbies

Updated on February 17, 2019
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Home and garden are my favorite havens and my goal is to help people learn the little things that I've learned.

Sun hats are also called protective hats because these can be the best shields for our heads, faces, and necks against the damaging effects of the sun. It can also keep away insects from your face and from the sharp twigs that may scratch your scalp during gardening. Even when under the trees and pruning branches with loppers you must still have your garden hat to shield your head from falling sharp wood.

We also need sun hats to enjoy our hobbies like fishing, hiking, watching outdoor games and all other open-air fun activities without the danger of getting sunburned, hit by heat stroke and developing skin cancer.

Sun's rays as we know is the Ultra Violet (UV) light and there are basically two categories of it – the UVA and the UVB. Each has a specific wavelength. UVA (long wavelength) is more dispersed but can cause skin aging, dry skin, and wrinkles and it is present during the daytime and even in the winter months. UVB (short wavelength) is direct radiation so it is harsher to the skin and with prolonged exposure can cause skin cancer.

Unfortunately, putting sunscreen on would not be enough to protect our skin against extreme and prolonged exposure to UV lights and the only best thing to do is to wear your sun hats whenever you go outdoor or garden hats if you love growing plants.

Hats come in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs and of course materials so they can be used for different purposes. Check which type you need below.

Types of Hats For Your Protection

  • Straw Hats

These hats are light and very comfortable on your head even in a hot climate. These are excellent when gardening or when walking on the beach. Generally made of woven straws or braided paper, your skin can breathe with it. It can provide wider round coverage to protect your head and face area.

  • Flap Hats

Much like a baseball hat with flaps on the side and back, the flap hats can provide excellent protection for the back of the neck, cheeks, nose, and ears. For those who prefer caps rather than the rounded hats, the flap caps can provide the best protection they need. These have a good fit on the head and very light because mostly these are made of cotton or light breathable fabrics.

  • Bucket Hats

Looking like inverted buckets, bucket hats have narrow brims and generally made of breathable fabrics. Very light to the head and comfortable to wear, it can firmly hold on to your head without the risk of being blown away even in a windy environment. Men who love to fish and women who love gardening and strolling the beach during summer morning will suit well with the bucket hats. These are also nice to go along with fashion dressing.

  • Wide-Brimmed Hats

Considered to be the best protective among garden and sun hats, these hats can greatly lessen your risk of getting sunburn or skin cancer. With its wide brim, it’s much like wearing an umbrella on your head. Nice to wear when tending a wider garden or during beach strolling. Available are straws or light breathable fabrics.

Here are the best garden hats and sun hats I have found for you at Amazon.

Men and Women’s Best Garden/Summer/Sun Hats:

Sunday Afternoons Women's Garden Hat

This hat actually looks like a fashion designer’s lady hat but it can be your trendy medium-sized straw hat to give you good protection against harsh rays when gardening early in the morning or when trimming roses with your handy pruner during the late afternoon.

Made of 60 percent polyester, 25 percent paper, and 15 percent cotton, this ribboned hat is very light, comfortable to wear and breathable aside from it’s very fashionable looking.

It can even provide you UPF 50+ which means its fabric itself can provide excellent UV protection which can block sun’s radiation from penetrating through its fabrics. The ribbon is not just there for design but also an adjustable strap to fit any lady’s head. With its soft texture, you can easily pack this along when traveling.

Sloggers Women's Wide Brim Braided UPF 50+ Hat

Women who love gardening and very much aware of the harsh effects of the sun should check on this wide-brimmed hat. It has a UPF 50+ for maximum sun protection, able to block sun’s rays, has a very attractive appeal and will look great to girls and women alike.

With a wind lanyard to secure itself firmly during windy weather, it can fit women’s head from small to medium. Made of 65% braided paper and 35% polyester, this sure is a refreshing hat to wear during your gardening or strolling on summer days. If you want to stroll around your garden and wants to sit near your garden fountain but with morning rays coming upon your head, this is just the perfect hat for you, ladies. This is very light and breathable that your scalp won’t absolutely feel the heat inside it.

Women's Floppy, Wide Brim Packable Sun Hat Two Tone Brown with Chin Strap

For women who love to travel or regularly love tending their garden and want full protection from the sun, this floppy wide brim hat will suit them perfectly. It can outstandingly protect your face, neck, head and even your shoulders with its wide brim features.

Even if you pack it up in your baggage, it would spring back to shape so you can bring it anywhere and every time like during your vacation or simply when you want to walk around your backyard and enjoy the heat after the long cold months.

Comes with a vinyl chin strap with a wooden bead, this will be firmly secured right on your head and feel it comfortably. Suitable to wear all year round or on the beach while picking seashells with your collapsible bucket. The brim measures full 6 inches wide with a drawstring for size adjustment so you can tightly adjust it to prevent wind from blowing it away. It can even fit the head of 23 inches in circumference so this can suit even large heads.

Principle Plastics 446TN Sun Hat, Tan & Green Nylon, One Size Fits All

An excellent hat for men and women who love the outdoors, this sun hat is perfect as sun protector during hiking, fishing, gardening or strolling. With a UPF 50+ for total sun protection (you can see the UV coating right there), it has an interior band that can be adjusted to fit different head sizes so it’s a one size fits all reliable sun hat.

Another nice thing with this hat is the stylish appeal that can always go with the trend and can literally protect your face, neck, and ears with it. People like this hat because of its wide brim that can keep the sun out of your eyes. And what more, you can just roll it up and pack it in your baggage if you want to bring it anywhere you go and spring back to shape once you take it out.

Other excellent features why many people like it: very lightweight with breathable vents, chin strap to keep it from blowing by the wind and can take a beating because it is made of nylon but can absorb sweat efficiently and yet easy to wash.

4 Panel Large Bill Flap Hat-KHAKI

When people say they need total sun protection but they don’t prefer straw hats or bucket hats, we refer them to this flap hat and we see satisfaction on their faces. This flap hat is so loved by so many people because of its special features.

Made of 100 percent polyester, it’s light on the head, breathable and has a sweatband that does not leave mark on your forehead but absorbs the sweat efficiently. Basically, it has 4-panel construction which means you are all covered up – nose, face, neck, and back of the neck.

Though it’s not simply as large as the wide-brimmed hats, and not as narrow as a baseball cap, this one has the refreshing convenience of a bucket hat but provide the protection of a wide-brimmed hat with adjustable flaps. Its mesh side panel and eyelets also make it a comfortable hat without sweat forming on your scalp.

The 13.5 inches wide neck flap will really cover the back of your neck, ears, nose, and cheeks securely. Perfect for lawn mowing, camping, bird watching, hunting or hiking, this one is also very much preferred by gardeners who want a light, fully covered hat right on their head.

It’s a one-size fit all hat as it has an adjustable elastic band closure and black chin cord with toggle. As a camper, you will love this hat so pack along your reliable machete and be ready for some outdoor adventures.

Sunday Afternoons Play Hat

If you have small girls who love to play in the park or in your backyard during sunny days, you must be aware that the sun can damage their soft fragile skin. Sunscreen would not be enough so the best advice is for kids to put on protective hats when playing outdoor.

This Sunday Afternoons Play Hat is really an attractive flap hat made exclusively for your little girlies. Made of 100% cotton with a mesh made of 100% Polyester, this hat is one cool hat that provides UPF 50+ sun protection.

It also has moisture wicking inside to absorb sweat off your kids’ foreheads and an adjustable chin strap that it won’t go away even if your kids play on the pool. It comes in many sizes to fit baby infants, youth and child’s head and equipped with a floatable foam core to make its front solidly straight even when wet. This one is really recommended for your kids and you have so many choices of colors with them.

San Diego Hat Company UPF 50+ Roll Up Wide Brim Sun Visor Hat - Ultra Braid

Most women are inherently choosy even when it comes to their sun protective hats. Some women also have bigger heads or curly hairs while others choose to ponytail their hairs when working on their garden or strolling that’s why a lot of women prefer the visors.

With visors, it’s a free head without the frills on top while the face is still protected. In this aspect, we choose the San Diego Wide Brim Sun Visor Hat because it has many excellent qualities in a visor that women will love.

Basically, this is a cool visor hat with a wide brim to provide utmost protection to the face, neck, and shoulder not to mention it also has a UPF 50+ sun protection rating. So-called a designer visor hat, women will really look pretty with it and they will surely love it because they can roll it up, adjust it with its Velcro at the back and travel with it. Made of 75% paper and 25% polyester, this item comes in many amazing colors.

Men's UPF 50 Hat with Contrast Brim

Men who love to boat, fish, hike, do regular gardening or even walk the street would love this bucket hat because of the comfort it brings and of course the protection it provides.

Made of 100% cotton, this has a UPF 50+ rating that can block 97.5% of the incoming UV rays so your face area is all protected including your ears. It also has a chin strap for more secured head hold and its travel-friendly you can even roll it up and insert it in your back pocket and go with it anywhere.

Other good things with this hat is it comes in various head sizes from medium to large so you can have it even if you have 23 inches head circumference, cool to the head because of its eye inlet ventilation, has an attractive shape and color and with unisex appeal.

Easy to wash too and quick to dry, it comes with a variety of colors at Amazon. Perfect for all types of outdoor activities, even kids can use it. Did I say women can have it too and look stylish with it? Now available in many colors at Amazon.

i play. Brim Sun Protection Hat

Moms who want a good selection of brim sun bucket hats for their infants (girls and boys) should take a look at this one. This cool bucket sun hat offers a variety of colors and sizes and also has a lot to offer. Made of 100% imported cotton, it is soft to the touch, very lightweight and offer sun protection of UPF 50+.

What you will also like about this sun hat is its tipped up front and back so your little ones can see everything clearly what’s in front of them while its shade efficiently covers their faces and heads.

Perfect to wear during the winter months with a sunny setting or during light summer days, this hat will really serve its purpose. You can customize its size by drawing the string located at the back of the head. It also has a chin strap for more secure head hold. And aside from its easy washable, it can dry very quickly under the sun.

Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap

Whether you are a regular gardener, a stroller, hiker or a runner, you need an easy to wear narrow hat so we would like to present to you this versatile Sun Runner Cap. It has the quality of a baseball cap for more trendy appeal, removable snap on sun skirt so you can use it as a cap, made of 100% cotton for superb comfort and also features a supplex nylon strap for adjustment with the skirt/flap.

This is actually a convertible cap made to cover up your face and neck with a UPF 30+ factor. Its mesh side will provide aeration to your head and the TransAction headband will ensure you comfort up there. This unbelievable hat comes in 4 colors and sizes from small to large head size so everyone can make use of it efficiently- kids and adults. If you are not into wide brimmed hats but want to look good with a cap, we recommend you this. It’s a unisex hat so anyone can enjoy its features.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2014 Gene David Pangan


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