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Guide to Shopping for Discount Bathroom Vanity Cabinets and Sinks

Updated on March 31, 2010

Discount bathroom vanity cabinets are not that difficult to find. Some may be used while others are marked down for various reasons. Begin by looking at discontinued pieces that have been marked down by the manufacturer because either the model is no longer being manufactured or because more modern styles are now being manufactured. Vanities that were once floor models are also sold at a discounted price due to some type of small flaw like a scratch or dent. Overstocked vanity prices must also be lowered at times when a specific model does not sell well.

Updating a bathroom vanity area can be a fast and inexpensive project especially if you can get a top of the line vanity cabinet for just a fraction of the original cost. Construction of a bathroom vanity is of utmost importance. A good vanity is going to be made of a durable materials that is sturdy and pretreated so it can last many years in a bathroom environment. Check joints to make sure that they are dove-tailed and not just simple glued, stapled, or nailed. Open the doors and drawers to ensure that they work properly and are made to handle many years of wear and tear. Shelving should be of at least 5/8 of an inch in thickness. Thinner shelves will eventually either break or swell with use over many years. Keep in mind also that some marked down units do come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Choose Less Expensive Materials for Bathroom Vanity Tops

There is an endless amount of bathroom vanity tops on the market today.  Stone materials like granite, slate, or marble are costly because the material is durable and easily maintained.  Some synthetic materials made of polyester or acrylic are just as costly because again, they are durable and long lasting.  Even though these materials may be hard to find on sale, if you look hard enough an even better deal can be found.  Check with local building suppliers for leftover pieces, returns, or discontinued items.  Even though the discounts may only be around 10%, the savings can be substantial depending on the materials you choose and the reason for the mark down. 

Other countertop materials are at a much lower price even when purchased at the full ticket price.  For instance, materials like laminate, ceramic tile and even concrete are very popular in bathroom vanity designs because they can be purchased at reasonable prices while still offering the durability and maintenance free countertop that most homeowners are seeking today.  Laminates are available in a wide selection of colors, textures, and patterns.  The surfaces can be purchased in different grade levels so depending on how much you wish to save a lower grade countertop could save you a lot of money.  Ceramic tile can also be found in many in many sizes, colors, shapes, and finishes.  Make sure you don’t choose a fragile tile and go with a quality grout sealer especially in the areas that will be in contact with water.  Concrete when laid properly, offers you a surface that is durable and can be carved, shaped, inlaid with objects, or colored depending on the style you are trying to reach.   

Buy Cheaper Bathroom Vanity Sinks

Bathroom vanity sinks can change the look and function of any bathroom vanity area. Sinks can come in a wide array of materials including stone, glass, porcelain, and even metals like copper and stainless steel. Materials like stone and porcelain are going to be more expensive than glass or metal. Glass for instance, is a material that is not necessarily expensive and the price is highly dependent on craftsmanship, color, and thickness or durability of the material. Glass sinks have added an artistic element in bathroom design so depending on your cabinet style, a glass sink can change the entire design of your vanity area.

Metal sinks are seeing a rise in popularity not just for their cheaper prices but also for their unique qualities. Copper sinks are being used in both bathrooms and kitchens because the finish is unique, attractive, and very durable. The same can be said for stainless steel which can be found very inexpensively depending where you look. No matter how you look at it, comparing prices and shopping around is going to be the best way that you can get a cheaper sink for your vanity. Take the time to look for bargains but do not set aside quality and durability.

Less Expensive Accessories Can Finish Out Your Bathroom Vanity Design

When all of your money has been spent purchasing a good vanity cabinet then it may be time to start looking for some bargains in the accessories department. Mirrors, faucets, sinks, and lighting can all be purchased for a fraction of their original prices depending on where you look. Department stores or discount stores carry a wide selection of accessories at a great discount in comparison to home improvement and bathroom design stores. Mix and match pieces to get a unique and affordable design.

You can also find many online stores that sell bathroom accessories for a discounted price. Some stores charge shipping while others have a fixed rate depending on how much you purchase. Keep in mind that you don’t always have to pay full price to get an elegant and unique bathroom vanity area.


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