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Makeover Your Bathroom with Cheap Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Updated on March 31, 2010

These days used does have to necessarily mean antique or outdated. There is a wide selection of sizes, types, and styles of cheap bathroom vanity cabinets to choose from. People constantly change or upgrade their bathroom vanities for better larger sizes or more modern designs. Bathroom vanity cabinets can also be created by recycling an existing furniture piece. Depending on the furniture, holes can be cut out to accommodate the sinks, and plumbing fixtures. Buffets, sidebars, and dressers are some of the most popular vanity conversions pieces. Finding a used piece of furniture is much easier than finding a used bathroom vanity. Bargaining is the key to getting a used vanity or furniture piece to replace your existing vanity.

When converting a piece of furniture into a bathroom vanity, always keep in mind that the unit is going to function as both storage and as a working surface. Stick with materials that will fair well with wear and exposure to water. Make sure the material is also sealed to protect the finish and to keep it looking good for many years to come. When installing sinks and faucets into a piece of furniture that is now going to serve as a vanity be sure to properly seal all of the seams.

Photo by The Rohlfsens
Photo by The Rohlfsens

Search for a Clearance or Discount Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

Manufacturers are constantly updating their product lines so a good place to start is by checking online websites and home improvement stores for great prices on discontinued or overstock items.  Clearance and sale prices can cut down your costs substantially depending on whether or not a product is still in production.  Many times a product is discontinued because the product style or design is now obsolete.  Other times it is because at one point the demand was great but it has recently decreased.     

When purchasing a sale or clearance item always be sure to ask if the item is still covered by some kind of return policy or warranty.  This is important information especially if you should find something wrong with the product once you have already purchased it.  Many stores offer at least a 30 day money back guarantee on sale items should you decide that the unit does not work for your bathroom design.  Clearance items are a bit different.  Most stores sell such items on an “as is” basis so you will need to be very certain that the vanity meets your size, function, and design requirements.  Do not purchase something on clearance just because the price is good.  The last thing you need is another piece of unnecessary furniture in your basement or garage.   

Photo by Michael Benjamin
Photo by Michael Benjamin

Pay Even Less by Purchasing Bathroom Vanity Sets

If you are someone who doesn’t mind purchasing complete packages or bundled items then bathroom vanity sets is the answer for you.  Bathroom vanity sets come in a wide selection of sizes, styles, colors, materials, and finishes.  Most sets come with everything included for a complete vanity remodel.  Sinks, countertops, mirrors, faucets, plumbing fixtures, and sometimes lighting are all included.  Prices for vanity sets are also very reasonable when compared to how much you could spend if you decided to purchase each piece separately. 

Style and design is not something you have to sacrifice when looking for a discount bathroom vanity remodel or upgrade.  There are many wholesale bathroom vanity distributors online.  Many offer vanity sets at a fraction of the original cost because they have a large inventory and can afford to pass the savings onto you.  Some offer free shipping depending on the purchase price.  Local home improvement stores also offer great prices in bathroom vanity sets but you may find that they lack in inventory and choices.

Photo by jimschley @
Photo by jimschley @

Use Cheap Bathroom Vanity Tops to Upgrade an Existing Vanity

Sometimes an upgrade or remodeling project does not require or afford the purchase of an entirely new bathroom vanity. In these cases, you can still get an updated look by simply switching out the bathroom vanity tops. The only prerequisite in this case is that your existing cabinetry must be in good condition and contemporary enough to fit in with your new bathroom design or décor. There are many different types of vanity tops on the market today. Some materials are more durable thus also more expensive than others.

Stone vanity tops made out of either marble, granite or even slate are of course going to be more durable and expensive than a material like wood or metal. Metal vanity countertops like copper, stainless steel, and iron are becoming very popular because of their modern look. Concrete is another material that is very durable for countertop construction. Concrete is an eco friendly countertop option for today’s “green” consumers. The material is inexpensive and can be stained to change the color and texture. Glass is another popular material that is very attractive and not necessarily very expensive but it does lack in durability. Glass can scratch and crack easily with regular wear and tear.


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