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Guide to Wooden Bathtubs

Updated on February 9, 2011
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One of the design trends that I’ve seen pop up here and there on the various design blogs that I read is the increasing use of wooden bathtubs in the home. I like a variety of different types of tubs. Although I might not choose a wooden tub for my own home (just not my personal style) I’ve seen a lot of them that I think can add some great ambience to a bathroom. I got interested in the topic and started doing some research into it and I thought I’d share what I learned with some other tub lovers!

General Ambience of a Wooden Tub

A wooden tub in the bathroom makes a definite statement, really setting a specific tone for the room. I have found that adding a wooden tub to a bathroom generally creates the following feelings:

o   Spa-like relaxation. The number one thing that I feel when entering a room with a wooden tub is a total sense of relaxation. Wooden tubs are usually (although not always) large and deep bathtubs designed for truly luxurious soaking. Many wooden tubs include whirlpool features that add to the feeling that you’re in a spa.

o   Romance. The same reasons that make the wooden tub seem spa-like can also make the bathroom that they are in seem romantic. The deep soaking tub is often sized for two. The Jacuzzi feeling is great for getting cozy with someone. And wooden tubs often have ledges on them that are great for setting candles so that you can truly enjoy either relaxation by yourself or romance with someone else!

o   Natural, eco-minded care for the planet. The use of a natural material like wood creates a sort of nature-based feeling in the bathroom. This can be enhanced by using repurposed materials throughout the bathroom, adding plant life and allowing natural sunlight to enter the bathroom.

Wooden Tub Styles

There are a surprising number of wooden tub styles that you will come across if you start to research this option for enhancing or altering your bathroom. Some of the most common options include:

o   Rectangular Wooden Tubs. These are solid and have a very modern look to them, an effect that is sometimes hard to achieve when working with wood. The tub inside of the wooden exterior may be rectangular to match or may be oval in shape.

o   Wash Bucket Style Wooden Tub. This is a type of wooden tub that is basically designed to look like a bucket. The effect is one that is rustic and retro and adorable. It would be ideal for a country home or a home with country-inspired décor.

o   Wood and Stone Tubs. These bathtubs aren’t typically used inside the home but instead are used as Jacuzzi tubs in the yard by a pool. However, designs inspired by them have been known to grace the insides of bathrooms as well.

o   Wooden Tub Aprons on Porcelain Tubs. This is one way that modern homeowners can achieve the effect of wooden tub design in their bathrooms without having to invest a significant amount of money into a huge bathroom remodeling project. Tub aprons and wood paneling add the effect of the wood without the extensive work.

Decorating Around a Wooden Tub

In general I have seen the wooden tub serve only as the centerpiece of the bathroom. This is truly a statement item that really should be the focus of the room. You can then design around the wooden tub with accessory items that enhance the feel of the space. Ideas for decorating around a wooden tub include:

o   Add mirrors with wooden frames. Terrific bathroom mirrors with wooden frames that either match or complement the wood selected for the tub would be a terrific addition to a bathroom with a wooden tub in it.

o   Decorate the bathroom with plant life. The natural material of a wooden tub lends itself well to nature-based décor including live plants in the bathroom. Choose plants that do well in humidity.

o   Baskets of lotions and soaps. Baskets made of natural, organic materials can also enhance the nature-based design of the wooden tub. Fill them up with shampoos, body soaps and lotions so that they serve a practically purpose as well as providing a great design enhancements for the bathroom.

o   Wooden flooring. Re-do the flooring in your bathroom to match or complement the wood of your new wooden tub for an all-over look that will impress anyone!

o   Add a fireplace. This is a luxury that few of us can afford but if there’s any way that you can add a fireplace to your bathroom with a wood tub then you’ll really experience relaxation and romance here every day. Warning: you may never want to leave your bathroom!

Adding a Shower in a Bathroom with a Wooden Tub

Although the wooden bathtub typically serves as the focus of the bathroom, some people don’t like to bathe every day. They prefer to shower daily and then occasionally enjoy relaxing in the wooden tub. The ideal option for adding a shower to the same bathroom as a wooden tub is to create a separate one-stall shower with glass doors in the same bathroom. However, there are wooden tub designs that can have full-length glass doors added to them so that the shower and tub are one and the same.

Adding a Sauna to your Bathroom

If you are lucky enough to be able to invest in some true luxury for your bathroom then you might want to consider adding a sauna to the bathroom where the wooden soaking tub is located. The sauna should be created using the same wood that the bathtub is made from. This allows for a relaxing continuous design. This same option might be used outside near a pool with an adjacent outdoor wooden spa tub.


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  • Genna East profile image

    Genna East 7 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

    I never realized they had wooden bathtubs. Nice hub!

  • PaperNotes profile image

    PaperNotes 7 years ago

    Wow, those wooden tubs are really awesome! If I would have a house of my own I would have one of these in my bathroom.