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Gutter Foam and Brush Reviews

Updated on December 1, 2014

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Two Reviews: Gutter Foam and Gutter Brush

Over the last few years several new gutter guards have come onto the market. The gutter helmet, the brush and the foam to name just a few.

Each of these products has it's own advantages and disadvantages. Today I want to write a review for both the foam and the brush, two products I have installed on several properties during the previous two years. I also install new roofline fascia and soffit boards as well.

You can find more guttering prices here and here is a list of gutter cleaning tools and products.

Gutter Brush Review

I was intrigued when I first saw this product, it looked so simple and straight forward, it appeared to solve the age old problem of gutters becoming blocked with debris.

So here is my opinion, my review:

The brush is competitively priced, I found the cost to be the same as the gutter foam. It can also be purchased from several places, I know of two local guttering suppliers who keep it in stock and it can also be purchased from Amazon on the internet (as well as other places).

The brush was really easy to install, I lifted the bottom row of tiles just a little bit and inserted the brush into the gutter. When I lowered the tiles I found that they held the product in place. There was no way this product was going to come loose in the wind. The instructions that came with the brush stated that cable ties can be used to secure it to the gutter if needed.

The product comes in four metre lengths which is the same length as the gutter. I did find it a little difficult to cut the brush to a shorter length as my wire cutters were very old and worn, after a little frustration I gave up and grabbed another tool bag and pulled out my trusted hacksaw which made light work of the wire that holds the bristles in place. Overall, yes I would agree that this product is suitable for DIY. Other than the hack saw, no other hand tools were required, just a good head for heights!


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Does it actually do the job?

I have been back to several properties where I have installed this product and I have mixed feelings about the success of this product, here is what I have observed:

The Good:

  • Keeps out large debris such as leaves
  • Cost effective
  • Very easy to install

The Bad:

  • Doesn't keep out pine needles and small particles
  • Can be seen from ground level (just)
  • It isn't 100% maintenance free. You will need to remove the brush every now and again, give it a shake and re install it.

Overall I like this product, even though it does have some limitations it's still a good buy as long as you are not expecting a maintenance free product. This brush does a good job of reducing gutter maintenance but sadly it doesn't illuminate it entirely.

Did you like this gutter brush review? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

Did you know that the number one cause of gutter blockages is not leaves but roof moss? It breaks down into mud and cakes the inside of the gutters and pipes. Consider a roof moss removal project in conjunction with a gutter guard.

Gutter Foam Review

The gutter foam is a product I have some experience with as I have installed it on quite a few homes. My first thought when I saw this product was:

This foam will prevent water from flowing out of the gutter. It will significantly reduce gutter capacity.

I assumed that it was like a sponge, it would soak up the water. I was wrong. After doing a little research I discovered that the foam consists of 3% plastic and 97% air. This means that water can pass through the gutter without hindrance.

Ease of installation

The product wasn't as easy as the brush to install. On several properties I found that the tiles were pressing against the product and pushing it into the gutter. Also I had to use a sealant on the inside edge of the guard to hold it in place. I feel that this product should come with some clips to hold it in place.

Does it work?

Mixed feelings about the gutter foam; it worked really well at keeping debris out of the gutter, even pine needles would struggle to get through this guard. However, I notice on almost all the properties that leaves, roof moss and other bits become stuck on the top of the product and prevented water from entering the gutter. I called the company that produces this foam and was given this polite reply:

If you find that debris has collected on the surface of the product then we recommend removing it with a hose rather than a broom or brush.

I was hoping that this foam would be a maintenance free product, but like with the brush I ended up somewhat disappointed.

If a large amount of debris collects on the surface of the guard then it could prevent water from entering the gutter at all.

Did you find this gutter foam review helpful? Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page.


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    • profile image

      mike 4 years ago

      Very interesting, I think I give the gutter brush a try. I have mostly tree leaves that clog the gutters, no pine needles.

    • profile image

      Steve 5 years ago

      Very useful comments on 2 products I was considering. Thanks

    • profile image

      Pat Vckenna 6 years ago

      Very useful review of gutter brushes. My problem is pine needles so I won't be fitting them. Thanks PmcK

    • profile image

      Salman Khan 6 years ago

      Thanks for posting an important Foam & Brush product Article. I have seen your informational posting. I will need your service immediately.


      Salman Khan

      “mattress los angeles”


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