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Tiles For a Shallow Roof Pitch

Updated on October 29, 2012

Tiles Suitable For a Low Pitch Shallow Roof

The contents of this hub are primarily targeted to those who live in the United Kingdom, the products described here may not be available in the U.S.

Sometimes you may find yourself in the situation where you have a really shallow roof that needs to be tiled. Those who design and construct extensions often find themselves considering low pitch roofs.

If the roof was flat or nearly flat (below 10 degrees) then you consider installig a flat roof felt system such as SBS torch on bitumen or EPDM rubber. But what if the pitch is just above 10 degrees? In this situation you would need low pitch roof tiles.

Most tiles are best laid onto roofs above 17.5 degrees, this will ensure they remain watertight even when there is driving rain. There are however some tiles that are suited for roff pitches between 10 degrees and 17.5 degrees.


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Below you can find the top three tiles for shallow roofs

These tiles are all considered low pitch roof tiles and are readily available in the United Kingdom:

Decra Roof Tiles - These tiles are actually made from metal and are coated with a mineral finish to mimic concrete. This product is unique as it can be used on shallow roofs as low as 10 degrees, that is lower than any other tile. If you have a roof pitch lower than this, then you should really be considering flat roof felts. Decra tiles can be purchased online for prompt delivery to the site.

Centurion by Forticrete - This is a more traditional tile that is made from concrete. Can be laid down to pitches as low as 10 degrees provided the following conditions are met:

  • No valleys, hips or intersections
  • No water is discharged from gutters directly onto the tiles
  • The roof is not in an exposed area
  • Roof rafter length is less than five metres
  • Specialist fixing clips must be used

Redland Regent - This tile, like the Forticrete Centurion should only be laid on shallow roofs that do not have valleys, hips or intersections. Can be laid as low as 12.5 degrees, will perform best in a less exposed area.

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