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The 2015 HGTV Dream Home

Updated on October 19, 2014

2015 HGTV Dream Home

There was finally a mention of the home in their official blog on May 16th. Clues to the next location will start being given soon!

Or, maybe they already have. That first photo is getting us thinking already. A hint at 4 seasons perhaps? So far the only thing I've figured out is the piece with the flag & bike. I've found the original photo and it's in New Jersey. The other three pieces could be New Jersey as well. Time will tell. Share your guesses and opinions in the Guestbook at the bottom of the page. :)

As with past dream homes I'll be linking to all of the clues and following the developments of the site, house, sweepstakes, and finally the winner. There's lots to come so keep checking back!

Click thru to read the first blog post.
Click thru to read the first blog post. | Source

Where Will It Be?

A marker -
United States
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