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Harley Davidson Clocks

Updated on September 5, 2010

As life has shown us, we can't be on our motorcycles all the time, and we need to be indoors a lot of the time, which is where we desire the freedom a Harley Davidson Motorcycle represents.

Fortunately we can bring some of the road hog spirit inside by mounting a Harley Davidson clock on our walls, which is great for home or work and will match your love of motorcycles with keeping an eye on the time, the same as a Harley Davidson Watch offers for your wrist, but on the walls.

With heaps of designs available, it is easy to find a suitable clock to suit your environment and taste and help you count down until the time is ready to get back out on your motorcycle.

Harley Davidson Bar Clock Replica

This is one that will put a smile on any true rider.

There are plenty of rest stops around the world that is frequently visited by motorcycle riders of all origins. But nothing beats turning up in a genuine Motorcycle bar/diner. This clock helps recreates that atmosphere with it's chrome outer rim and inner blue neon light - perfect for a dining room or kitchen in your house, also great for the coffee room at work.

If you are going for a themed room at home, don't forget to add in a Harley Davidson stool too.

Harley Davidson Shield Logo Clock with Sounds

This is a classic looking clock showing just the Harley Davidson shield logo on a black background. Hour markers are at every hour however there are no numbers. Iit is also 8 inches in diameter.

Every hour a genuine Harley Davidson motorcycle sound occurs, there are 12 pre installed sounds from different motorcycles. But don't worry about this keeping you awake at night, as the on board light sensor disables the sound when the lights are out.

This is the one to go for if you are after a gift for a Harley Davidson enthusiast, it's slick look won't ever get dated like any good Harley and the sounds will raise a smile on the hour every hour.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Sound Clock

As with the clock above this Harley Davidson Motorcycles clock plays Harley engine sounds to mark every hour audibly. 

However the background is white and in the centre is the Harley Davidson Emblem with bald eagle mounting it on top. On each hour is a different Harley Davidson motorcycle matching up with the engine sounds heard previously, so there is no guessing games with this clock! 

This clock is 13 inches in diameter and also has the light sensor feature, so it does not make audible sounds in the darkness so you can sleep well next to it! Makes a great gift for those getting familiar with Harleys and want to learn how to tell them apart from sound alone.

Harley Davidson Designer Silver/Black Clock

This sleek clock is professionally designed by Mark Feldsteins & Associates so you can be sure it is a classy looking thing and likely to become a Harley Davidson Collectible over time.

It has a distinctive black rim with silver face and is 13 inches in diameter, so makes a great center piece on a wall.

It also has 12 Harley Davidson engine sounds which play on the hour and are disabled when there is no light available so it won't sound at night.

This design will suit walls with bold colors on them.

Harley Davidson Shaped Neon Table Clock

Another smile raising clock. Great to accompany the neon bar wall clock. This clock comes with it's own stand and shows off the Harley Davidson shield lit up by an orange neon light.

It is perfect for a themed Harley Davidson room, garage, kitchen, living room or bar. The shield itself is dual lit as well as the surrounding neon so leaves a fantastic ambience any time of the day. It is a genuine 3D looking clock to help bring an atmosphere to life. It certainly wouldn't look out of place in a Hard Rock Cafe.

The clock is 15 inches in width and 13.25 inches tall with a weight of 6 pounds so it is a sturdy quality piece of kit.

Other Harley Davidson Clocks Available


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