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Buying a Microwave Oven, In Trivandrum - Review

Updated on May 2, 2014
LG Home Page
LG Home Page | Source

Last December, as a preparation to Christmas, I thought to go for buying a Microwave oven. As a starter I went in search of what a microwave oven is, what are the benefits of it and how it is going to help me out in my day to day cooking? Since I’m working and is having a busy schedule altogether, I just wanted to confirm whether it will really help me out from my present situation.

I love traditional Kerala food and mainly most of our main menu includes Rice in a variety of ways. Our main meal/ lunch can’t avoid cooked rice in any ways [the main reason why we malayalees, one who speak Malayalam are prone to diabetic diseases ;)

Now coming back, what I need is that at times I may need to prepare pulao’s, biriyani’s etc in the morning without much hassle. To reheat the precooked vegetable curries or left over food. Fry meat; fish etc. in a healthier manner without using much oil which we consume a lot.

Reheating was a very much loved option I found in microwave oven. As it helped me a lot in morning and some times in the evenings, when there is lot of work and I’m forced to stay at office late and when I come back, I will be in state to hug my pillow and really don’t want to enter my kitchen.

Now coming back to microwave oven, after lot of goggling, I finally decided to make the purchase… I started from one of the famous store in Trivandrum. That time shopping festival was going on and I thought to get the oven with a reasonable discount. I just started out and had a great time to decide on the capacity and brand to choose with, at last I found LG’s full option (MC-7880PSR 28 Litres) to be handy for me with needed all features and my pocket was also happy.

Now comes bargaining on the product. The branded big shop demanded it for 14000 Indian Rupees, later they drill downed it to 13000. We just set off from there and entered yet another branded shop; there also the situation was similar… Likewise, we visited almost 7 shops and later entered a shopping Mall Big Bazaar, East Fort, Trivandrum. There it was priced 11900, later we got the same on 11500 Rupees. We fixed the purchase.

Now coming home I was surprised with the product a lot. Later using the manual and with the help of demonstrator, I could learn a lot and from the next day onwards I could start experimenting on the same.

It is having 5 levels of Micro power levels for cooking, which gives maximum flexibility and control over cooking.

High (100%) 900W (max)

Boil water. Cook Poultry pieces, fish, and vegetables.

Medium High (80%) 720 W

Reheating, Roast meat and poultry, cook mushrooms etc.

Medium (60%) 540 W

Reheating already cooked food

Defrost (Medium Low) (40%) 360W

Tawing, melt butter, cook tender foods

Low (20%) 180 W

Soften butter and cheese, Soften ice cream, Raise yeast dough

Grill, Convention and combination cooking is possible in the same. Along with these there is 76 Auto Cook Menu, 48 Indian Auto Cook Menu, Motorised Rotisserie,Multi Cook Tawa, Steam clean are added features - and all these are controlled by the Cook Modes listed below.

1. Nutri care

a. Health Plus

b. Continental

c. Soup

2. Indian Rasoi

a. Indian Cuisine

b. Tandoor se

c. Sweets Corner

d. Chatpat Corner

3. 24 Hours

a. Breakfast

b. Child’s favorite

c. Bakery

4. Utility Corner

a. Utility corner

b. Fermentation

I’m really very much satisfied with the options provided by this and it does save lot of my time in Kitchen. I could manage most of my work without asking for any help from other family members or by keeping a house maid.

Think this review would definitely help, one while choosing an option to buy a microwave oven. Happy cooking!!


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