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Control Your Window Air Conditioner with Your Smartphone

Updated on December 13, 2017

Control window air conditioner via Internet

Remember those hot and humid dog days of summer? They will be here before you know it. (image credit: Free Original Clipart at Designed to a T )

Whether your home has central air conditioning, or no air conditioning – a window air conditioner unit might make sense.

Pick a room where you spend a lot of time during the hot hours of the day or evening. It might be a bedroom, or a family room. Install a window air conditioner to cool just that room or two – only when it is hot. Save money by setting your central air conditioner to an energy-saving temperature.

The technology of window air conditioners continues to improve. Many models come with remote control, timers, or programmable controls, and more options.

Window air conditioner unit features

Following are some things to consider when buying a window air conditioner. To the right are examples of single room air conditioner units on the market today. Remember to keep in mind quality as well as price.

  • Size. Window air conditioners come in different sizes as measured in Btu's of cooling power. For most efficient operation, your unit should match the size of your room.
  • Humidity control. For comfort, some models optimize for humidity control and avoid the inefficient humidity control that comes with rapid cool-down and frequent on/off cycles.
  • Air filtration. Some units now come with electrostatic filtration and improved air filtration screens.
  • Remote control. Many units now come with remote controls. You can turn the unit on or off and dial the temperature up or down from across the room.
  • Digital display. You can see what temperature the unit is set on from across the room.
  • Timer. Some units offer a timer so that you can program when your unit kicks on or off. This is particularly welcome so that you can arrive home to a comfortable room.
  • Energy efficiency. Many units now meet the Energy Star standard set by the federal government. Some Energy Star window air conditioners are super energy-efficient with EERs (energy efficiently rating) of ten or above. Check with your local electric utility – you may be able to get a rebate for installing an energy efficient room air conditioner.
  • Noise. Everyone wants a silent room air conditioner – even though this is not possible. Noise is among the top complaints of window air conditioner owners. Some units are noisier than others – check product reviews before you buy.
  • Fresh air intake and exhaust. Rather than simply recirculate stale room air, some models include fresh air intake and exhaust.
  • Reliability. This is another top complaint of some purchasers. You expect your brand new unit to work properly at the time you install it, and to operate efficiently for a reasonable number of years. Check product reviews before you buy.

Control Window Air Conditioning Unit with Your Smartphone

If you're interested in stepping into the world of home automation with lighting and appliance controlincluding window air conditioner unit -- consider an Insteon Starter Kit which includes an Internet Hub controller and two plug-in dimmer modules. To control your window air conditioner, consider installing an ApplianceLinc - INSTEON Plug-in Appliance On/Off Module, 3-Pin appliance module (rated at 15 amps).

Plug the Hub into a wall outlet near your internet router. Then connect the router to the controller with an Ethernet cable. Now plug the light control modules into wall outlets near the lamps you want to control and the appliance module into a wall outlet near your window air conditioner. Detailed installation instructions are provided for each component in the starter kit.

Let's say you are returning home on a hot summer day. Your house is all closed up. With no central air conditioning you know it'll be very uncomfortable inside.

Grab your Smartphone and connect to your Hub. With a few keystrokes, turn on your window air conditioner. You can also turn on your porch light by using one of the Insteon Plug-In Dimmer Switches that came with your Starter Kit. Your home will be cooler and safer when you arrive home.

ApplianceLinc - INSTEON Plug-in Appliance On/Off Module, 3-Pin -- image credit: SmartHome
ApplianceLinc - INSTEON Plug-in Appliance On/Off Module, 3-Pin -- image credit: SmartHome

Window air conditioner load requirements

Carefully check the power requirements for your window air conditioner. Be sure your INSTEON home automation appliance switch has a large enough load rating.

Expand your home automation system when you are ready

Once you've experienced the safety and convenience of home automation lighting and appliance control, you can expand your system when you are ready to control central heating and air conditioning, and many more lifestyle functions around your home.

The INSTEON system is modular so you only add what you want when you want.

INSTEON home automation technology

Home automation has become more robust, reliable, affordable and user friendly -- thanks to INSTEON home automation technology. It has become the choice for DIY home automation.

INSTEON sends radio frequency signals on a designated RF channel and powerline signals over your existing house wiring. These signals enable you to control your outside post lamp, heating and cooling, and many more functions around your home.

You can also control your INSTEON home automation system via Internet from anywhere. Use your web-enabled phone or PC to connect to your home automation controller through your existing high speed internet service and router.

Welcome the safety, convenience and fun of smart home automation.

What lifestyle functions would you like to automate?

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    • John Dove profile imageAUTHOR

      John Dove 

      6 years ago

      It's a good idea to always check an appliance power requirement to be sure it's within the capacity of switches and circuits.

    • portableac7 profile image


      8 years ago

      "Carefully check the power requirements for your window air conditioner. Be sure your INSTEON home automation appliance switch has a large enough load rating." Thank you it's new information for me


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