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Home accidents leading to severe injuries

Updated on November 3, 2014

Accidents are common at all places. Our home is also not free from it. In a previous hub I discussed some accidents that lead to death. Here I wish to make aware some accidents which leads to lifelong tear rather than death. So be careful about these accidents which is the only safest way to get rid off from them.

Warning of wet floors
Warning of wet floors

1. Slipping

Nowadays people are conscious about beautification of the houses. As a result even the middle class family paves marble or granite as the floorings of houses. Some who are economically not sound enough will use marbonite or ceramic tiles like that. All these are very smooth. So when they are wet they will become more smooth which will lead to slip and fall , if not cared. So to avoid this accident it is a must to keep the floor dry always.

Another slipping accident takes place always in toilets attached with bathroom. When someone takes bath from the toilet the oil and soap that he use will stick on the floor of the toilet. So when it is wet the floor will slip and a fall in bathroom will surely hit the head as the size of bathroom are not enough for human fall. So head injury or bone break or some bruises may result from such falls. To avoid this accident the best method is to water the toilets and bathrooms properly immediately after their usage. Also those stepping inside should be always aware of such accidents arising from carelessness.

Falling from staircase
Falling from staircase

Be careful while -

  • Walking on wet floors
  • Ascending or descending a staircase
  • Handling sharp objects
  • Moving objects with something at its top
  • Closing doors and windows
  • Starting a vehicle

2. Falling from Staircase

I remember , years ago when my elder daughter was in KG or LP session , there was a sentence in their text book – do not play on staircase. On that days I felt it as a very stupid sentence. But years after I realized that it was absolutely true.

A number accidents are reported from houses as a result of playing on staircase. In olden days there was no such threat as the houses were single storied. Now many families reside in multi storied flats and occasionally will have to use staircase. In houses also steep staircase and narrow staircases are becoming villains. When one ascend in speed there is every chance slipping the step and falling down. It will often lead to head injury or spinal injury or a break in bone minimum.

Children are more prone to such accidents as they are unaware of such falls and the after effects. So the only way to avoid such accidents are to keep a gate at the entrance of staircase if it is narrow or steep. Wide staircases are found to be more safe.

Injury by knife
Injury by knife

Which is the most common accident in home?

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3. Injuries by Sharp Objects

Women are often susceptible to these type of accidents at home. Mainly the injury occurs due to slip of knives in kitchen. They may be cutting vegetables or fruits and often there is a chance to slip the knife and cut the finger. Taking while cutting will also may lead to such injuries. To avoid these injury try to wear a finger cap while using knife and also don’t indulge in any other activity that distract your attention when knives are used. Putting hands accidentally inside a running mixer will cut the finger into pieces.

Children often get this injury when they handle blades. They may be using blade to sharpen a pencil. Some children imitate shaving activity of their dad using the same shaving set used by dad. It will surely lead to injuries. For sharpening the pencil, pencil sharpener should only be used. Imitating shaving can be controlled only if the shaving sets and blades are kept in safe custody.

Broken pieces of glass may also lead to injuries. There is no way to keep them out as glass will broke when it is fallen. So care should be taken not to step on them or to slip them from hand.

What to do ?

Home accidents are prone at every moment at home. Fearing it is not a solution.Caring it is the best way to be safe.

4.Fall of objects at a height

In most houses there will be television which are always kept at a height on a table or stand. Computers are also kept in this way. Small children may crawl towards it and will pull the connecting wires. As a result either the television or television along with stand will fall on him leading to head injury. This accident can be avoided only if the area of keeping these equipments are well protected from children’s reach.

Objects may also fall accidently from almirahs in kitchen. Utensils of common usage are always kept at reach while those which are heavy and are rarely used are kept safely some where. Often they will be over the kitchen rack or some store place at a height. When they are taken out there is an every chance to slip from hands. So when taking objects from a height , the taker should be almost at the height of the object so that he can handle them easily and comfortably.

 Finger Jamming in doors or windows
Finger Jamming in doors or windows

5. Jamming of body parts

Body parts may get jammed inside a door or window. This also often occurs among children. They are not known about such a chance of accident. Since they always find it funny to open and close doors and windows they are highly prone to this injury. Also during strong wind the doors and windows may be shut rapidly without any expectation. At this time often the hand fingers or leg fingers may get jammed. Providing stoppers for doors and windows are the only solution for this problem. Also children should not be allowed to play on door and windows irrespective of season.

Jamming of body parts may also occur at other places in the house also. For example if you are moving a table to some where with the help of another one there is every chance to jam your finger between the table and wall or door during transit. Also inside the drawer of the table jamming occurs frequently.

6. Motor vehicle accidents

Nowadays all houses have at least a two wheeler. Car or jeep are also seen in many houses. As a result a lot of small children lost their lives due to accidents at their own courtyards. The driver may not be aware of the presence of these people on the other side . So he reverses the vehicle and hits down the person behind. Another type of accidents by vehicle occur when accelerator and break pedals are mistaken. Instead of hitting break there is every chance to hit the accelerator. So the vehicle will suddenly start accelerating and the driver may be unable to control the vehicle. The only way to save lives from these accidents is to ensure that no child is present near or chance to reach near while the vehicle is started.

Children may enter into a jeep and may change the gears leading to the movement of jeep. So while you park a vehicle make it sure that children are not able to enter into it.

In short the best way to keep safe is to have at most care.

Accident Type
Injury Type
Death Possibility
Severe Spinal/head injury
Falling from staircase
Severe Spinal/head injury
Falling of objects at height
Severe breakage
Injury due to sharp objects
Severe /mild wounds
Jamming of body parts
Bone breakage
Motor accidents


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    • abidareacode profile image

      abidareacode 3 years ago from Areacode , Kerala, India

      Thank you teaches 12345. Most of these accidents are happening in every homes day by day.Still they are not caring and not sharing.That is why I made it a post.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

      They say home accidents happen more frequently than those outside the home. I've had a few of these in the past. Good post and I'm sure it will be helpful to know these facts for readers.