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How To Decorate Your Rooms

Updated on October 22, 2011

You are about to decorate a room? How you are going to decorate you room actually depends on what room you are actually trying to decorate.

There will be different ways if it’s a bathroom and a different if it’s a bedroom or living room. So the first thing you should be clear about a room in your home is that what you want it to be actually.

There is a different requirement for every room. Like living rooms or drawing rooms are more formal than family room or TV rooms.This is because living rooms are used for guests and family room is used more of informally.

But like in most cases for people a living room serves as both living and family room so it’s often decorated as being a little informal.

First thing you need to do is that you will have to consider each of your room as a separate project. Because there is a reality, you just can not decorate your entire house at once, even if you want to follow a single theme.

Now being realistic first sort out which room you would want to go first with? Are your plans rationale? Do not forget the function of each of the room. 

Bed Rooms

The first you should go with in bedrooms is master bedroom. A master bedroom is usually for the couple that is head of the family, for the man and woman of home. It should be decorated in a way that it caters to all the needs of them.

It should be comfortable and peaceful. People do sometimes like bright colors but mostly people prefer lighter tones and combinations or contrast to be used in bedrooms so that it may feel relaxing. Privacy is the other factor that needed to be surely taken care of if bedrooms of other family members are around.

If you have a spare room left make it a guest room. You can use it as half a gust room and half of its part may serve as office for you too. You may keep some drawers, a small closet and a small room tv in order to entertain your guests.

Children’s Bedroom

These bedrooms should be casual enough as they are for kids. And kids want things around them free and easy. Children are usually happy in messing up their rooms and in a comfortable environment.

You would not need much things to decorate their rooms because they will do it themselves with the help of their toys and other belongings that they treasure. Just provide them some small book racks and storages close to floor.

Living Room

Decorating your living room would depend on as to how it would be used by you and your family. Will it be used only for guests or even generally too? If it would be used commonly than it will be foolish to choose any light color for decorating.

Usually white carpets curtains or sofa covers would not work in this case. In that case fabric material should also be one that can bear with rough usage.

Dinning Room

If you have a dinning room attached to your living room or even if separate again the question is that how is it used?

Is it used commonly or just for guests because you have a dinette for use by your family? So if for gusts it should also be decorated formally like living room.


Arranging and decorating bathroom would depend on how spacious it is. Check if there is enough space to adjust a tall single door cabinet. 

You can put some of your towels and other bathroom items there. In case if you won’t put any such thing so things may go messy around.

For more changes you can use interactive paints, linens and wall papers to make your bathroom look more lavish.

These are some of the ways how you can decorate different rooms in your home. Try to color rooms pale and keep ceilings bright white in order to make your room look bigger.

And light colors also give a peaceful feel and look to rooms.Light colors re also scientifically proved to be helpful in relaxing minds.

Have a nice time decorating your room.

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      Greatlife 7 years ago

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