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How To Protect Your MMJ Grow From Garden Pests

Updated on April 28, 2014
Oh No!!!!  Tiny destructive mites on a leaf blade.
Oh No!!!! Tiny destructive mites on a leaf blade.

Have you had plants taken over by garden pests?

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Damage from garden pests
Damage from garden pests

Dealing with Garden Pests and Garden Pests Identification

Through my many years of gardening legal medical marijuana medicine I have found that the most frustrating thing is when I take a stroll through my plants to make sure everything is going lovely but instead I notice holes in leaves that where just fine a few hours before. Garden pests identification is important because garden pests are most likely the guilty party in this attack on the poor defenseless plants. Snails, birds, caterpillars, slugs, worms and a gopher every once in a while are some of the usual garden pests. Your never going to win the war but you have to do something to keep the pests to a minimal.

Because they can live underground, in old plant materials, weeds, and just about anywhere else, insects are at the top of the list as far as damage goes.

You must eliminate places around your garden where insects could make there home, like old decaying leaves or any other stuff that plant diseases or insects may lurk. It is very important to turn over your soil often and break clumps of dirt to help destroy any possible insect living quarters.

Using dormant spray is another good way to help rid your garden of pests. The spray is used to keep killer insects and deadly diseases in check. This stuff has worked wonders on my garden in the past but make you you follow the instructions because it's a good chance it wont work if you don't. The first time I used this I just poured it all over with the mission to murder anything harmful to my girls but instead, I was the one who killed my whole garden (my neighbors also). Some insects are good for you garden and are not pests so make sure you know which one are the helpers.

Birds have been another garden pest that I have had to battle.

In my younger days I would probably have been posted with my pellet gun but I'm more into animal rights these days. I usually just run to the garden and chase them away but they seem to come back as soon as I go inside. So I had a meeting with the birds and we agreed on me getting them a bird feeder for the yard and they wouold just eat the birdseed and stay away from my plants. I figured it would save me money in the long run. This agreement has worked and the birds and I are still cool although I still catch them every now and then trying to get my herbals. The bird house looks nice in the backyard also. The problem is a lot smaller now and you can always get a dog too.

You most likely have a gopher problem if you start seeing dirt mounds in your yard and your plants start dying.

Fortunately I have never experienced this pest but one of my buddies has had a terrible gopher infestation in his backyard so I felt it would be a good idea to research it. Gophers are about four to thirteen inches long. They can be white, brown, or black with little tails. Setting traps might be the best way of getting rid of them. You must locate the gopher tunnels and set the traps correctly. A smoke bomb is probably more of an exciting option, it's where you put it in the hole and hope that the smoke reaches the gopher.

If your garden is having any of the symptoms or problems mentioned above I suggest urgent and swift action or the pest problem will become more established and will get much harder to control.


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