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Japanese Arts especially Traditional Art are more Popular than Ever

Updated on October 17, 2011

Since its introduction into Western society there has always been a draw towards Japanese art. It is exotic, elegant and breathtakingly beautiful. Japanese traditional art spans a wide range of mediums, everything from pottery to paintings to gardening. This helps to make Japanese art highly popular with just about everyone. If you are someone who likes paintings of landscapes, simple drawing or complex designs, there is something within the Japanese arts for you.

Why is Japanese art so popular? It is a question many people ask, especially when looking at some of the more unique pieces that can be found within the Japanese art styles. There are a few reasons why Japanese traditional art is popular. If you take a look and break the pieces down into elements you will see that they embody a certain set of characteristics.

Calligraphy is one of the Japanese traditional art forms. It is simply a form of writing. However, the characters, the use of the brushes and the feeling placed behind it often time turns what is simply an elegant form of writing into a work of art in and of itself. These writings impart important concepts and make wonderful statements as wall hangings or framed pictures.

This has made these single character pieces into an extremely popular part of Japanese art. The characteristics that are found within this Japanese art form are characteristics that are found in many of the Japanese traditional arts. They are clean smooth lines, elegant curves, and delicate touches. They are simple, they can make bold statements and jump out or they can just be something that is there and adds to the room.

All these types of characteristics can be found in Japanese art and it is these elements, elegance, simplicity, bold statements and delicate natures that gives it the Asian appeal and make Japanese art popular despite the ever changing interests of individuals and the ever changing and evolving world of art. It is because the elements that are found within Japanese traditional arts. They are some of the most basic elements that are found in any good art.

As a result of having the classic characteristics that appear no matter what the art style Japanese art has remained popular. Clean lines, elegant strokes, classic themes as well as the simple minimalist approach have a tendency to draw all eyes to it. The obvious effort, care and talent that go into each aspect of the Japanese traditional art forms are also something that can not be denied. People love having well crafted beautiful pieces of art within their homes. The calm, serene clean simple lines that make up Japanese art can not be denied and each piece has its own unique beauty no matter what the medium used to create it. Japanese art has always been a popular addition to decorating and with its classical elements it is sure to continue to remain a popular set of art forms for years to come.


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    • cgull8m profile image

      cgull8m 8 years ago from North Carolina

      I like Japanese old paintings, they seem to reflect the nature very well.