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Kitchen Cabinet Door Remodeling Projects

Updated on June 17, 2010

If you want to do a kitchen remodeling project a little less complicated than the complete kitchen remodel and that will not cost a small fortune then you can consider renovating your kitchen cabinet doors. Replacement kitchen cabinet doors can be quite expensive, so renovation is a much better option if you are on a budget. You can pay for professionals to do this work, but if saving money is your goal you should think about a do it yourself kitchen cabinet refacing.  There are several different things you can do to make your cabinets and your entire kitchen look drastically different and this hub will discuss some of them. The suggestions range from something as simple as changing the kitchen cabinet door handles to cutting out parts of the kitchen cabinet doors and replacing the space with glass or other material. Remember that replacing kitchen cabinet doors is still an option, but this hub is dedicated to making it look like you have new kitchen cabinet doors with only a few improvements.

The smallest thing you can do to spruce up your kitchen cupboard doors is change the hardware. Kitchen cabinet door hardware includes the handles or knobs and hinges. If your current cabinet doors have simple handles then you could get a more modern kitchen look by eliminating the handles all together. You can fill in the holes left by the screws when you remove the handles, sand them down, and re-stain the cabinets so you cannot tell there were holes there to begin with. Then, using a rotary tool you can gouge out indentations on the underside of the kitchen cabinet door so there is a hidden handle there. If you replace a simple knob with a knob that has a hanging piece made of crystal, you could give the kitchen a more Victorian look. You can make many subtle changes when it comes to kitchen door hardware to achieve different kitchen cabinet door styles.

If you want to do a little more work, you could remove your kitchen cabinet doors and do a little kitchen cabinet door refacing project. Your first step in kitchen cupboard refinishing is to take down your kitchen cabinet doors and remove all hardware. Your next step would be to sand down the kitchen cabinet doors to remove any old paint or stain. Once that step is completed, you can decide if you want to stain or paint. Both choices will require several coats and several days of work. If you are ambitious, you can even paint on some stencils or go for a two toned paint job. The more detail you incorporate into your refacing the longer it will take. While you have the kitchen cabinet doors down it is a good time to reorganize your cabinets for better efficiency.

Another modern touch that you can put on kitchen cabinet doors is to replace some of the door fronts with glass. Glass kitchen cabinet doors force you to have well organized and sparsely populated kitchen cabinets, which implies a more modern style. This project is somewhat more involved than the ones mentioned previously. You might have to enlist the help of a carpenter to get parts of this done. First, you take down your cabinet doors and remove all hardware. Using a circular or table saw you could cut out the center of each cabinet door. You cannot use this saw to cut all the way to the corners of the piece you want to remove. You will need to use a handheld jigsaw for that. Make sure that it has very fine teeth so that the edges left behind are smooth. After you remove the centers, you can cut a rabbet into the back of each cabinet door for the glass to sit on. You can then use one of several methods to hold the glass pieces into place. You can get the cut pieces of glass at any glass or window supply store.

You can use a variety of materials in this process. One choice is to use clear glass or clear Plexiglas. This will allow everyone to see into your kitchen cabinet doors. If you do not want to reveal the contents of your kitchen cabinets to everyone, then you can use frosted glass or a metal insert. Aluminum is a nice choice because it is soft and you can punch a pattern into it. Each kitchen cabinet door could have a different picture.

This video gives some good tips for painting your kitchen cabinets.


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    • profile image

      Belen 4 years ago

      I have designed 3 kitehcns now, from the ground up and it is an awful lot of work and every time I finished, I saw something that I wished I had done differently. But the feeling of accomplishment is great!I can't decide between the first and the second photos..I am in the smallest kitchen I have had .. maybe ever.. so I am loving all those surfaces to put things and do things.And the light .. that wonderful light !I love this blog and seem to be slightly addicted ~

    • RNosaj profile image

      RNosaj 5 years ago from USA

      Great DIY tips! Thanks for the contribution!

    • profile image

      honey 5 years ago

      irecommend euro if someone is looking for aluminum cabinet doors

    • Tonny65 profile image

      Tonny65 5 years ago from CA

      I also know them and I used to recommend their services and know what is good and at the same time at a reasonable price. great kitchen cabinets

    • profile image

      mikiQ 5 years ago

      may try in Euro Intelligent Kitchen. I've heard about them all the good reviews but do not really know much about them, maybe someone else knows?

    • profile image

      aluminum cabinet doors 5 years ago

      I do not have time for remodeling the kitchen cabinets so please experienced in this field for advice if you know a good company to produce aluminum cabinet doors?

    • putackbrond profile image

      putackbrond 5 years ago

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    • profile image

      Kitchen Cabinets London 6 years ago

      The first thing that caught my attention after landing this page was the kitchen backsplash on the image! The abstract look of the backsplash tile makes more the kitchen appealing.

    • whitton profile image

      whitton 6 years ago

      Thank you for this information. This is an easy and great way to give your kitchen a face-lift and fairly inexpensive compared to some other options.

    • despereaux profile image

      despereaux 7 years ago from Madison, WI

      Some very good information on sprucing up cabinets. I just completed refinishing my cabinets and replacing the panels with glass. A great source for cabinet glass is Bendheim ( They were great to work with and have some very affordable options. Also, they will cut the panels with rounded corners. This means you don't have to worry about making the corners of the frame square which is VERY difficult.

    • profile image

      upvc french doors 7 years ago

      interesting hub. Always hard to know where to start when changing your kitchen cabinets.