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Kitchen Cupboards

Updated on October 20, 2009

Kitchen cupboards are kitchen cabinets by another name. The kitchen cupboard is a more traditional term and once upon a time all kitchen cupboards were customs built for each home. Cupboards were generally larger than the modern day cabinets. For example, a typical kitchen cabinet is thirty inches high today but kitchen cupboards were usually as high as forty-two inches. Even though there is a slight difference, when people use the term kitchen cupboard today they mean kitchen cabinets. They are just using a word from a generation ago and soon people will stop using it.

Choosing Kitchen Cupboards for Your Home

If you are remodeling a modern kitchen or building a new home, you will get the opportunity to pick your own kitchen cupboards designs. You can lay out your complete kitchen with all the kitchen cupboards you need. Since you are starting from scratch, you could pick standard cabinets from a catalog or you could design your own kitchen cupboards plans. If you use your own kitchen cupboards ideas then you can make sure to have the right place for everything in your kitchen. You can even work your ideas into the kitchen island plans. For example, a kitchen island’s design elements can center on the wine storage cupboard that you have your heart set on. You will find kitchen cupboards for sale at many home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowes or at kitchen supply stores. If you are interested in custom-made kitchen cupboards then you can talk to a contractor, carpenter, or work with a kitchen supply company to make what you want.

Improving Your Current Kitchen Cupboards

Kitchen cupboards refinishing is the way to go if you just want to give a face-lift to your current kitchen. You could tear out your old cabinets for a complete kitchen remodel but that could be quite costly. The kitchen cabinet refacing cost is much more manageable. Sometimes just painting kitchen cupboards can be enough to make them look like new. Other times you need to get replacement kitchen cabinet doors.  If you choose a vibrant color or combination of colors, you could really give your kitchen personality. The video above shows how painting your cupboards can add new life to them. Another way to subtly improve the look of your cabinetry is to replace the kitchen cupboard handles and kitchen door hinges. These small changes can make a huge difference. If your kitchen cupboard doors need a little more attention, you can remove them and do a complete refinishing.

Refinishing the kitchen cabinet doors includes sanding them down to remove any old paint or stain and then re-staining them or painting them a different color. You want to make sure you add a coat of sealant if you stain so that the cupboards are protected. You can also try something a little more ambitious like removing the middle section of your cupboard doors and replacing them with glass or decorative plastic sheets. Some people choose to remove the cupboard doors all together and just use the cupboards as shelves. This technique is especially popular with pantry cupboards so that you can easily see what food you have in the house.


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    • srubenstein profile image

      srubenstein 6 years ago

      Like your post today.


    • profile image

      replacement kitchen cabinet doors 6 years ago

      you do not have to throw your old kitchen units away - simply get a new look by replacing the cabinet doors and drawers - it really is an inexpensive way of breathing new life into your existing kitchen.

    • Maria Harris profile image

      Maria Harris 7 years ago from Houston

      I agree that if you want a really nice finish on your cabinets, you have to properly prep them. Nice hub.

    • jules47 profile image

      jules47 7 years ago

      Thanks Maria for your great aricle. I love th functionality of kitchen islands. Some are mobile some are fixed but they all present a independant entity from the kitchen.

    • profile image

      Kitchen Cupboards 8 years ago

      Great hub. Check out my website. It ranks no. 1 for kitchen cupboards in Google Sa. Let me know if you want to exchange links with me. Kind Regards Julian