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Kitchen Doors

Updated on October 20, 2009

When one refers to kitchen doors, they can mean one of two things. First, they can be talking about the door that is the entrance to your kitchen, either from another room in your house or from the outside. There isn't really much you can do about the outdoor kitchen door, but the the one that separates the kitchen from other rooms in the house can be a decorated and chosen to suit your kitchen. The other thing they could be referring to is the doors on your kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinet doors are a huge part of how your kitchen looks. The wrong kitchen doors could mean that your kitchen looks too dark or too old fashioned. You can decide your entire kitchen theme by choosing plain wooden doors. It is pretty hard to decorate your kitchen in a contemporary manner if you have oak kitchen cabinet doors. The complete kitchen is often designed around kitchen doors and kitchen island designs. Kitchen doors are also an easy way to give your kitchen a new and refreshing look. You can take down your kitchen cupboard doors and give them a new look in many ways.

There are two methods of kitchen cabinets refacing that give your cabinets a new look. First, you can always revitalize your kitchen by using replacement kitchen doors. If the cabinets are functional and you like the size and placement of each, then all you really need to replace is the doors. You can buy replacement doors in any home supply store. Kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts can be matched to the existing cabinets and drawers so that they look like they go together. Another option is to refinish or refurbish the kitchen cabinet doors in some way. One thing you can do is to strip them and re-stain or repaint them. Another option used in more modern kitchen cabinets is to cut out the center of each door and put in glass and kitchen door curtains. The simplest thing you can do to give your kitchen doors a new look is to change the hardware. When you make any of these changes do not forget to include your kitchen islands. The cabinets and kitchen doors there need to match the rest of the kitchen.

Kitchen Door Hardware

Kitchen door hardware consists of two main elements including the kitchen door handles and the kitchen door hinges.  The handles can be of many different varieties including knobs, semi-circular handles, kitchen door pulls, hanging loops, or no visible handle at all.  Kitchen door hardware is easy to replace.  The only tricky part might be getting rid of existing holes if you choose new handles that do not use all the same holes as the previously exiting set up.  In addition to the handle, you must consider the hinges.  If you have brass handles and silver hinges that do not match, the kitchen cabinet doors will look silly.  You need to be consistent in the material you choose.

Other Kitchen Door Characteristics

Kitchen doors are made of many different kinds of materials. Sometimes they are all wood like in the picture above. Sometimes they are glass kitchen cabinet doors, and other times they are a combination of wood and glass or some other material. I once saw a set of kitchen cabinets that had the center of each kitchen door cut out and inserted in the middle were sheets of aluminum. The kitchen designer then used a tool to make a design out of impressions in that aluminum.

The Other Kind of Kitchen Door

In addition to the cabinet kind, there are also kitchen doors that mean the entryway to and from the kitchen.  A very popular choice for a kitchen door that goes into the rest of the house is a swinging door.  When you are going into or leaving the kitchen you hands are often full so it is very useful to have a door that swings open and shut so that you do not have to operate a handle.


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    • profile image

      ed77burns 7 years ago

      At my home,I have only mono color doors.

    • ianmixrazianmikra profile image

      ianmixrazianmikra 7 years ago

      Modern kitchen doors were usually simple handles or no handles at all. The point is to keep throughout the clean lines and keep things understated.Modern kitchen cabinets are usually one color with little or no cutting. It is more common to find firms that are painted instead of stained glass. In addition, the cabinet doors be flat and smooth.

    • Dave Framer profile image

      Dave Framer 7 years ago

      very well written I do kitchen cabinets and you hit all the major points especially the hardware , can be expensive but makes a big difference in appeal

    • Ambition398 profile image

      Ambition398 7 years ago

      Take care with glass if children are around - big caution there! Kids stomachs often rule, so glass doors are not safe to have around them when they are young.

    • profile image

      Maria Kay 8 years ago from West Chester, PA

      Thanks for visiting! There are a few things to keep in mind for modern kitchen doors. First, modern kitchen cabinets are usually one color with little or no carving. It is more common to find cabinets that are painted rather than stained. Also, the cabinet doors will be flat and smooth. Second, the hardware is important. Modern kitchen doors usually have simple handles or no handles at all. The point is to keep clean lines throughout and to keep things understated.

    • profile image

      Reza 8 years ago

      quite informative, anyway do you have some kitchen doors design example for a modern kitchen? thanks