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Log Home Builders Montana

Updated on February 2, 2013

As spring approaches people begin to feel an urgency to get their log home plans underway if they are going to build their new log home within the new year. Scheduling with log home builders Montana is an important step in finalizing your plans.

With the economy somewhat settling down, the DOW Jones Industrial average preforming it's best since 2007-2008, and the unemployment numbers decreasing, now is the time to still take advantage of reduced building pricing. Currently many contractors are still offering outstanding pricing. But this can change very quickly as the economy as a whole improves.

Montana Log Home Builders

If you own land in Montana, this is a prime time to get your plans started. Some builders will even assemble and entire turn key price for a home within their area, such as within in 30 miles of Bozeman, Montana or within an hour's drive of their home.

Log homes take an average of six to nine months to complete, depending on the square footage and complexity of the home. When a general contractor can build close to home then some savings can be passed along to the homeowner. Some areas of savings includes: 1. less travel expense for the builder and his men, 2. no lodging expenses, and 3. the general contractor can use subcontractors who he is accustomed to instead of assembling a new team.

Lodging and travel expenses are self explanatory, but let's take a minute and look at the 'local subcontractor' point a little bit more. When a general contractor assembles a price for a job say in Belgrade, Montana where he resides, then he is able to call contractors that he has used several times before. He knows their quality, how quickly they get the job done, and how expensive they are from the start. When a general contractor has to go outside of his typical area than he is forced to depend on subcontractors who are new to him. Things such as quality, response time to calls, efficiency on the job, and cost are unknowns to him. Referrals and written cost estimates are a great help, but ultimately it is the general contractor who has to stand behind the overall work of the subs. So when using new people the general has to factor in some extra costs for the 'unknown' factors of these new subs.

Finishing A Log Home


Ennis Montana Log Home

Let me give you an example. For our first log home builder in Montana project we built in the Ennis area. After carefully gathering bids, we began the project. By the end of the project we discovered that only one of the original five subcontractors were in fact ones which we would use again. On a typical project in Gallatin County, we use an excavator, plumber, electrician, HVAC installer, well driller, and drywaller. First the original excavator did not do what he was originally asked to do. The mistake ended up doubling the cost of the excavation for the whole project. The plumber was very hard to get a hold of. We had to delay finishing the interior walls for an extra week and a half because we were waiting for him to finish. The electrician did a very good job. The HVAC installer never did return with the register covers. Instead I had to personally drive out to his shop and pick them up. But I am glad to say that the drywallers were first rate.

When you add up all of these variables, the general contractor has a large balancing act to do. On one hand he wants to give the customer the best price on his new home, but on the other he has to cover his time and expense to insure that the other contractors and laborers working under him to their job to a high level of quality and still pay himself.

Master Bedroom, Montana Log Home


Log Home in Belgrade, Montana

If you happen to be very fortunate you might find a Montana log home builder who has taken the time and energy to assemble a full turnkey price on one of their standard plans. Sometimes these are listed as a "Builder's Special", "Handcrafted Log Home Sale", "Turnkey Pricing for Log Home", or "Plan XYZ Built on Your Lot". These estimates and sample contracts can be very helpful, even if you are not building in Montana.

At one time we were advertising a sample home as, "Log Home In Ennis Montana, Special". I had customers from all over the state, and even out of state, call us for more details. In fact, one of our customers who decided to retire to Alaska instead of Manhattan, MT took our sale and showed it to several builders in Fairbanks, Alaksa. In the end he found a contractor who used our numbers, slightly adjusted them, and built the cabin. Because of the detail and the allowance amounts built into our contract, our client was able to find an experienced log home builder who had not yet build under his own name. He used our numbers as a guide and saved the customer about $20 per square foot on the entire project over bids from other builders.

Staining Exterior of Log Home

Dry In Verses Full Turnkey Log Home

When shopping for a log home builder in Montana there are a few different options. One is to have the builder 'dry in' the log cabin. This entails the builder installing the basement, stacking the logs, installing the roof, exterior doors, and windows. A 'weather tight' or 'lock up' log home package is one that provides everything to keep the weather outside of the home.Then the homeowner either finishes the rest of the home himself or subcontracts out the rest himself. This is an especially good choice for people who are building with cash, have some time to put into the house themselves, and want to be sure all the log work is handled by an experienced log home builder.

The second option is a full turnkey solution. This is where the contractor does everything. All the homeowner has to do is write the checks and move in when the home is done. This is a good option for homeowners who live out of state, work full time jobs, or have no building experience.

Gable End of Montana Log Home Plan

Log Home Builders In Montana

For log home builders in Montana they are familiar with their particular areas. Most of them are competitive. Some are more willing to work with the owners than others are. One prudent step is to get an estimate from more than one company. If you call three different builders and ask for a price per square foot for a full turnkey on a 1900 square foot log home they should be able to give you a rough estimate. If one of those builders is extremely higher than the other two, I would usually rule out that builder. If one is much lower then be cautious and carefully examine what they are including in their pricing. It could be they are entirely leaving out the package price or they are basin the cost estimate on you providing the foundation work and roofer. So whatever you do, do your homework, be brave and ask lots of questions, and remember the end result is the home of your dreams. Cowboy Log Homes

Handcrafted Log Roof System


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