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Making a Compost Bin from a Trash Can

Updated on January 15, 2012

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Starting from scratch

If you happen to be interested in composting but has limited space in the house to even do it, what would then be a good solution for this? Well, you can always decide into making a compost bin from a trash can. After this, you’ll no longer have to worry about finding a nice, and secure place for your improvised composter for home use.

How to make a composter out of trash cans be made easy. Trash cans are handy; and you can buy these in a variety of sizes and makes (can be plastic or metal). But if you were to really use a trash can for your composting, then you’ll have to buy one that has a cover. Trash can lids will be used to sway off unwanted pests visits, like from rats for example. But to really make good use of your trash bin, drill holes (holes should have a distance of 6 to 12 inches) on the sides, base and lid.

You can also prevent these holes from being too exposed. So what you can do is, use window screen material, duct tape or epoxy to cover these up. Your trash can placement should also be considered. It should be placed somewhere elevated, so that air circulation may take place.

These improvised compost bins can also contain organic materials such as peels from fruits and vegetables, coffee grounds, coffee and tea bags, crushed eggshells, some presoaked newspaper or cardboard, grass clippings, dried leaves, and others more. Don’t put in food scraps that have meat or dairy in them, as these will lead to a smelly and spoiled compost (it’ll also attract unwanted pests). Also, maintain an aerated (can be manually turned by digging into the bin’s contents) and moist compost (compost that’s soaking wet will start to smell). Aside from that, you can also add some garden soil into your compost bin (about a shovelful). Garden soil actually contains many beneficial microbes that can also help speed up the process of composting. You can also balance the contents of your compost by simply using both brown (rich in carbon) and green (rich in nitrogen) organic materials. This actually helps in making the perfect compost.

You may also use the trash can as a kitchen composter. It will not only be easily accessible to you, it will also help you compost your kitchen scraps; and also keep it from becoming a smelly bin. Plus it’s more cheaper to maintain; and is very environmental-friendly. Making a compost bin from a trash can is that simple. Anyone can definitely use and practice this at home. offers live and healthy worms for composting like Red Wiggler worms and European Nightcrawlers.They also offer quality organic gardening products from organic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides to other green gardening supplies and equipments. Visit their site and browse their catalog to know more about their products.


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