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Types of Light Fixtures For Your Home

Updated on November 30, 2013
Depending on what you are looking for, you can find various types of lightings for your home.
Depending on what you are looking for, you can find various types of lightings for your home.

Did you know that the word photography means writing with light? Light, to the photographer, to the artist, to anyone with eyes to see, is a beautiful thing. The light on a spring morning, the light across the water on a summer’s night - what could be more lovely than those things? It is enough to make a poet out of you.

Lighting for your home can be just as beautiful. Whether you are lighting your kitchen, bathroom, family room, or hallway, the kind of lighting you use can give your living spaces depth, dimension, a sense of space. The right kinds of lighting will also make all the difference in how useful a room is. Nothing is worse than lighting that is too dim when you are working or reading. On the other hand, glaring lights can make an otherwise comfortable room a terrible place to try to relax. It may take some time and a bit of investment to find the right lightings for your home, but the efforts will be more than worth it.

An example of recessed bathroom lights!
An example of recessed bathroom lights!

Lightings for Every Room

Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

You might not think of it as the most important place for lighting in your house, but the right kind of lighting for your bathroom can indeed make all the difference. The bath should have plenty of strong light to allow you to groom and see into the mirror to shave, brush your hair, or apply make up. At the same time, too harsh a light or light placed improperly in the room can be less than flattering to you or your guests when looking into a mirror. The lighting in the bathroom should thus be warm and should be positioned to avoid creating deep shadows. A light above or beside the mirror is often a good choice in addition to an overhead light. Some people settle simply for vanity lighting to take care of the grooming aspect of lighting your room.

You will also want to consider getting a shower light. It's nice to have things well lit when you are in such a confined place as a bath or shower - lessens claustrophobic feelings.
Ambient lighting can be played around with in your bathroom, from getting submersible lights to light in your bathtub or your shower floor, or getting lights for behind the bathroom mirror to create a nice mood. While bathroom lighting should be purposeful, there's nothing to say that you can't create a little get-away with adding in a few ambient lighting features!

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

In the kitchen, on the other hand, you want lighting that will bathe the entire room with light. This will help you to see what you are doing when preparing meals. Good overhead lighting can do the trick. Recessed lighting set into the bottoms of kitchen cabinets can then provide additional light for specific cooking tasks, as can the lighting in a range hood. Of course, having plenty of natural light in the kitchen through large windows will make the room cheery and create an open feeling.

For ambient lighting, you can add lights under the overhead cabinets to light up your counter. If you have clear cabinet doors, lights inside the cabinet can light your choices of plates to use. This is useful if you are proud of your dishes and wish to show them off, and also for when you have guests over - easier to see where the dishes they may need are without having to interrupt their host for directions.

An example of recessed lighting.
An example of recessed lighting.

Pet Lighting

While we're on the subject of lights, let's look at some lights you might not have considered getting when you own pets

1) Headlamp

Walking a dog, especially an apartment dog, sometimes means having to go out at night. Fumbling around with a flash light and a leash, maybe even a dog bag, can get a little cumbersome. Plus, if your hands are full, how are you going to maneuver that flashlight around? A headlamp helps you to see at night and leaves your hands free to deal with your dog.

2) Bird Lighting

Say what, now? This will not apply to everyone, but it's a light many people don't even consider when they have a pet bird. Birds need sunlight as much as any other people, but usually their sunlight comes filtered through windows - destroying some of the UV lights they need. Consider getting a UVA/UVB light for your pet bird, and light them up for a few hours a day. Getting a light timer will help you so you don't need to remember.

3) Aquarium Lights

Aquariums require a few things so that they can work at peak functionality. Live plants are really good for fish tanks, and so you will need grow lights for your fish tank to keep the plants alive!

Living Room Lighting

In a family room or den, people often will employ track lighting, which allows for creating a tapestry of lighter and darker spaces within the room. This creates a very relaxing effect, allowing enough light to see by but breaking it into smaller units for specific areas of the room. The addition of table or standing lamps can make a couch or chair a great place to read while adding cheer to the room. If the room is on the smaller side, track lighting or recessed lighting that bathes the walls in light can seem to push the walls outward to give a greater sense of space.

Home Office Lighting

When lighting a workspace, the positioning of light becomes especially important. You have to make sure that the lighting will not cause shadows cast by your head and body when you are at work. In some instances, this problem can be solved by lighting that casts a diffusing type of light, such as from fluorescent fixtures. Spotlights can also be employed to good effect. Using several spotlights or recessed lighting fixtures arranged around a work space and pointing from several directions can help eliminate shadows and provide strong light to work by.

Purchasing Lightings

Of course, there are many good places to purchase lighting, and these retailers can help you with deciding upon what kinds of lighting will best suit you and your home. There are no doubt good lighting stores in your area with showrooms of various lamps and other lighting fixtures for you to browse through. For the do it yourself person, track and recessed lighting as well as other lighting systems can be purchased from Home Depot or other building stores. When working with electrical appliances, however, it is always advisable to consult with professionals in the field for safety’s sake.

For an online catalogue of lightings, visit the site at There, you can shop for lighting by room or by brand. They also have a category of lighting for under 100 dollars, for those on a budget. Delivery is right to your door and is free for larger orders.

You can also choose to shop for LED lights specifically in places like lights are excellent for saving money on energy bills, recyclable, and extremely versatile in color and lighting options.

Kichler Lighting is a well known lighting retailer of decorative light fixtures and systems. At their website you can browse through lighting in contemporary, traditional, art deco, and even utilitarian styles. They also provide an information data base on lighting to give you the tools you need to choose the right kinds of lights for every purpose and every room in your home.

Making these choices will take some time, but you will want to get it right when it comes to lighting. The right light is always the best light.

Where are you going to look into improving your light situation?

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