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Moving Into A New Apartment

Updated on October 22, 2011

Wow… what a fun moving is? Well this sound crazy, do not think that I am a dumb, stupid or an idiot person. This was just to sound a little sarcastic about this particular toughest moment of one’s life.

Moving an apartment or home is nothing else than a headache which is enough to kill you. I never found even a single person ever in my life to whom I’ve heard being happy about shifting.

Yes, we can be happy for moving and living into new or better place but the process that we have to go through before enjoying these pleasure moments is worst than any other thing. There are numerous reasons for everyone to hate this one thing called moving.

Pack Up

So the first shocking activities that you would have to under go in the initials of this long process. Basically you would find each stage of this process as most difficult one but this surely is a king of all.

First you would need to find shops from where you can get the cartons to pack your things up into those in order to help while moving. If you do not find them from DIY shops you would need to go again and again to grocery shops asking them for any left over boxes, if they have. 

Once you have got the boxes, you would need to pack up your things in a way that none of the items get harmed while moving.

And after doing this, not even a moment of relaxation you would have because the next moment you would realize that now you need to rent a moving truck, large enough to accommodate all those things that you possess.

Moving Truck on Rent

This is funny after an extremely tiring week that you spent in packing up your things, your weekend is up and time to switch to next step of shifting too.

So get ready to ruin your weekend, look at your possessions and decide what size truck or trailer you would need. After deciding this, go and check out if one is available, luckily if you get it than hire it over rent.

While hiring this, you would undergo another situation that is sales persons trying to sell you some other add-ons for your shifting purpose. 

Well, finally after getting rid of them, take that truck to your home enjoying the different fragrances in the cabin and think if deodorants and perfumes have been invented yet or not?

So after reaching home next activity is waiting for you, seek your skills for fixing things up in a limited space.

Yes now this would be a great job for you trying to some how fix all those things you have packed in a way that you can accommodate all of them in this hired truck.

And don’t get upset if you break something while trying to squeeze your cartons in order to fit in.

Finding True Friends

Ok so finally you reached you new home, but definitely you would need few friends of yours to help you out for this. Yes, right time to find out if you really have any true friend, because hardly any person would agree to ruin their weekend in making you shift to a new place.

And luckily if you found one or two such friends, they would ask you for some compensation, at least a fully loaded meal from you. And beware before taking help from any friend, because this means soon you will also be helping them out in shifting too. Bring them to your list and you are on their target too when they would need. Gotcha….


You will feel like pissed off when after shifting you would realize that those hours and days that you spent in packing and fixing up those things in boxes now needs to be unpacked. And this is the time when your friends would have even left and the ball is in your court. And thing to make you happy is that on each side of area you are the single person, so in whichever court the ball is, it’s your court.

Do not feel calm and contented; you have to go through another big task. Unpack all the things and start trying to put them on right place.


This is a process that would make you tired both mentally and physically. And this won’t be done completely any before than wasting another week of yours.

See how much fun is it, a long lasting fun, like you have fun on vacations. Well I hope the people who are planning to move would now think at least thousand times or the ones who have moved would rush to bang my head on wall for making them remind their sweet memories.


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