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North Dakota: Energy Improvement Rebates

Updated on July 28, 2010

North Dakota is where Theodore Roosevelt fell in love with the beauty of West and started his campaign to protect the wilderness from over development. If only he knew how important this would become. North Dakota utilities offer rebate programs to it's citizens to help reduce their energy bills and their energy use. 

Northern Plains EC - Energy Efficient Equipment Rebate Program

The rebates offered by the Northern Plains Electric Company are focused on reducing the electrical usage of both residential and commercial customers by offering valuable rebates for compliant energy efficiency upgrades. The available rebates are as follows:

Geothermal Heat Pump (closed loop): $800
Air-source Heat Pumps: $500
Electric Motors (10HP and smaller): $100
Electric Motors (over 10HP): $400
Marathon Water Heaters: $100
Energy Star Clothes Washers: $100
Energy Star Dishwashers: $30
Energy Star Refrigerators: $30
Energy Star Freezers: $30

For more information on these rebates or utility related questions, please contact Northern Plains.

Otter Tail Power Company - Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

These utility driven rebates are issued to reduced the energy used when heating water. These rebates are also available for residential and commercial customers and can be applied as follows:

Residential Demand Control: $300/unit
Water Heaters: $200
Commercial Water Heaters: $20/kW
Thermal Storage Units: $20 - $60/kW

North Dakota Utility Rebate Program

Many of the local utilities in North Dakota participate in the utility rebate program to help reduce the electrical consumption of it's citizens.  This rebate program is broad in range and covers the costs of insulation measures, HVAC equipment, and renewable energy upgrades.  The maximum rebate is $5,000 and can cover multiple projects.

These rebates programs are based on participating utilities in which not every utility may participate in the rebate programs.  Please contact you local utility company to see if other rebate or tax incentive programs exist in your area.

Rebate Programs In Neighboring States



South Dakota


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    • Energy Guild profile image

      Energy Guild 7 years ago from Ripon, WI

      Thanks for letting me know. i will add these programs to this article ASAP.

    • profile image

      Northern Plains 7 years ago

      Thanks for taking an interest in the energy efficiency programs in North Dakota, including ours.

      Actually, there are a number of rebate programs for ND residents. All electric cooperative members are eligible for the North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives (NDaREC) rebate program. Learn more about it at Also, other distribution co-ops in the state are offering their own rebate program like ours, including Dakota Valley Electric Co-op and 13 others across the state.

      When you combine the distribution co-op rebates with the NDaREC's and the federal tax incentives savings quickly add up and it's money back in your pocket!

      Questions? Email us at