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Plastic Sheds: Economical and Useful

Updated on June 7, 2013

Sometimes you just need a bit more space. Your garage is full of bikes and half empty cans of paint, your basement is a swamp of cardboard boxes and leftover floor tiles. For those of you in this predicament, an outdoor shed might just be the right solution for your storage woes. And when it comes to ease of purchase, assembly, and use, a plastic shed can’t be beat. Plastic sheds are an economical way to store your extra stuff—whether lawn and garden supplies, mowers, sporting goods, or outdoor furniture—and keep them protected from the rain and snow.

Kinds of Plastic Sheds Available

Many different companies make high-quality plastic sheds, of all sizes and types.

Sentinel offers several models of plastic shed, in sizes 8 x 7.5 feet up to 11 x 13.5 feet. These sheds are made from polyethylene plastic rather than vinyl, which the manufacturer says has superior durability and strength over vinyl sheds. These sheds, with their peaked roofs and windows and two-color design, look very much like old garages or stables to look exceptionally attractive in the backyard.

Another widely available brand of plastic sheds is Suncast. These plastic resin sheds come in a variety of sizes as well and are made to be very easy to assemble. The Suncast 10 x 10 shed is equipped with double front doors to make storage and retrieval of objects quick and easy. The 7.5 x 3 foot model is a space saver, allowing you to tuck this shed into a narrow nook of your yard—perfect for rakes, shovels, brooms, and other tools.

Lifetime Sheds make plastic sheds designed to, you got it, last a lifetime. Fashioned from high-density polyethylene, these sheds are entirely maintenance free. They will never rot like woods sheds, rust like metal sheds, and they never require painting. Lifetime sheds are molded with attractive faux wood grain and tiled roof plastics and are equipped with shatter proof windows for plenty of light.

Rubbermaid also makes plastic sheds, and these sheds are designed very much with the space-challenged home owner in mind. The Rubbermaid Split-Lid shed, for example, stands only two and a half feet tall, allowing you to place this shed in small spaces, but its double-paneled roof is designed to open wide to allow you to get inside and access all your stored goods. The vertical storage sheds offered by Rubbermaid are great for long-handled tools like shovels and rakes and can be pushed flush against the house or a fence to keep them out of the way.

Steel sheds rust, and may need to be replaced. Why not try a plastic shed?
Steel sheds rust, and may need to be replaced. Why not try a plastic shed?

The Plastic Shed: Good for the Environment?

Many people today are concerned for the environment. And why not? We all want to live in a healthy, clean, and beautiful world, and we want to be able to pass that world down to our children. Looking out for the outdoor environment makes as much sense as looking out for our indoor environment, that inside our homes.

Given these concerns, many people are likely to ask, Isn’t purchasing a plastic shed bad for the environment? Do we really want to fill the world with more plastic? This is a good question! But think of it this way: What is best for the environment, a shed that will last a lifetime, never rotting, never rusting, never requiring paint, or a shed made from wood or metal that may need to be replaced after only a few years? Due to it’s durability in inclement weather, a plastic shed may be better for you in the long run if you live somewhere where extreme weather conditions are an issue, and ultimately mean less debris in land fills from broken down sheds made from other materials.

Plastic Sheds are Economical

There’s no doubt a garden shed made from cedar or redwood is a beautiful addition to a home and its yard. This is especially true if you are in the market for a custom-built shed from a local company. A shed made just for you and your yard is a lovely investment. If you are like most people though, your budget for a backyard shed is a bit tight. You need a place to put your things, but you don’t have a huge excess in your account to bankroll your storage needs.

For those of us in this position, plastic garden sheds are the way to go. Even the most fancy of these sheds is still a much more economical option than a wooden shed. Also, a plastic shed never requires fixing up, saving you even more money later on. And after all, a storage shed’s main purpose is pretty simple: a place to put things when you aren’t using them.

All in all, a plastic shed is an excellent option for many homeowners.


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    • shanel profile image

      shanel 8 years ago from Seattle

      This is a really great way to keep clutter out of your house. Storing seasonal or items that you rarely use in a plastic shed frees up the rest of your cabinets for the things that you need to use every day. Nice hub!