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Automatic Gates, Safe and Easy

Updated on June 11, 2013

We do live in a crazy world. Sometimes bad things happen. And sometimes it’s nice to feel safe, to feel secure. This is especially true of our homes. We like to think of our house as a place of comfort, a refuge, where we come to spend time with our family in a spot that’s safe and sound. And to keep ourselves safe, we often rely on modern technology, things like alarm systems and state of the art fences and gates. Driveway gates that open and shut automatically are not only convenient, they add another layer of security for ourselves and our homes.

An close up of the architecture of automatic gates
An close up of the architecture of automatic gates

Varieties and Styles of Automatic Gates

Shopping for an automatic gate can be fun when you realize just how many options you have. There are gates that will look great for any home, whether big or small, whether a Federal style town home or classic Cape Cod.

First of all, when purchasing an automatic gate you’ll have the option of material the gate is made from. These types of gates come in wrought iron, steel, and aluminum, as well as in woods of various varieties. A wrought iron gate at the entrance to a stately, treelined drive is the utmost in sophistication and rings with tradition and traditional values. Such a gate can be set with a family crest or other emblem for a sense of history and personal genealogy. Sliding gates of reinforced steel will offer superior security while imparting a more modern or contemporary feel to your home.

On the other end of the spectrum are automatic gates made from redwood or cedar—gates left in their rustic natural wood tones or painted. For homes set into groves of trees or on lush lawns, the natural touch of a wooden gate brings harmony with the surroundings. Wooden automatic gates will look especially beautiful in front of homes made of red or other color brick.

Automatic Gate Motors and Accessories

Equally important to the gate itself are the motors and other accessories that power the gate and make it functional and secure. The gate motor should be strong enough to open the gate hundreds or thousands of times over the span of a year, yet should be quiet and unobtrusive to the eye. After all, the beauty of the gate should not be compromised by its opening mechanism.

There are different gate motors depending on the kind of gate you have. Gates that slide open require different motors than those that swing open and shut. The duty cycle of your gate, that is, how often it will be opened and closed, will determine how heavy duty of a motor you will need. Of course, the weight of the gate is also a determinant of necessary power. A quality motor that will handle the traffic it receives is essential not only to prevent breakdowns but also to ensure the highest security. A gate that doesn’t open or fails to close when you come home late at night is not a gate worth its price.

The accessories to your automatic gate also determine its usefulness and security. Gates can be opened with clickers from the car or by way of your cell phone. Of course, the motors are run by electricity, but some gate openers can be fitted with solar cells to run by the power of the sun. For the utmost in security, features such as keyed switches and gate lock boxes, vehicle detectors, proximity readers, alarms, and cameras can be installed as part of your automatic gate package.

Automatic Gate Makers

There are many manufacturers of automatic gates, gate motors, and gate accessories. Here are just a few to get you started.

JT Gate Operators handle a variety of gates and the necessary accessories. Here you will find swing gates and sliding gates and the types of motors made especially for these types of gate. They carry the very popular and well-known Mighty Mule gate kits as well as the GTO Pro Discount Kits. These kits are designed to be do it yourself and come complete with everything you need to install the gate. Of course, it is possible to hire a contractor to do the job as well. JT Gate Operators offer low voltage and solar powered gate motors, for which you may qualify for solar tax credits.

Gate Depot is another place to start your gate shopping. This gate retailer offers live online help to answer your questions about automatic gates. The website for Gate Depot is designed to be your one stop shop for everything you’ll need to install and use your automatic gate. The site also offers periodic specials on automatic gates and equipment.

As you can see, there are many options for purchasing an automatic gate, so choose wisely! A gate of this kind will add value to your home while providing security and beauty, not to mention a whole lot of convenience.


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