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Organizing with File Boxes

Updated on August 21, 2013
Feeling inundated with paperwork and no way to organize them?
Feeling inundated with paperwork and no way to organize them?

Do you ever get that feeling when looking around your home or your office that you are going to be caught in an avalanche of your papers and bills? You know what I mean. It’s when you’ve got a thousand pieces of paper, a thousand receipts, a thousand memos and faxes stacked in piles or shoved in drawers everywhere you look. It’s when your office is just begging to be organized, but you just haven’t gotten to it yet.

If this sounds like you, then it might be time to do something about it by investing in some file boxes. Having a set of file boxes for all of your important papers will not only clean up your office or home, it will really save you time. No longer will you spend an hour trying to find that one cell phone bill from last August that you need some information from. It will be right at your fingertips, in the file box clearly marked Cell Phone Bills.

Buying File Boxes

When you start your shopping for file boxes, one thing you might be surprised about is just how many kinds of this office accessory there are. There are many different sizes and looks of file boxes and many different materials they are made from. Surely there are file boxes that will be great for you.

First of all, there are file boxes that are made from plastic, usually some high impact plastic that will stand up to a lot of wear and tear. These plastic file boxes are great if you have a lot of papers that you need to keep but might not need to look at all the time. Plastic file boxes will keep your documents dry and safe but will be very economical to purchase. And you can find plastic file boxes in many stores and online retailers, including Amazon, Target, Office Depot, and more.

If you want something that still serves the great basic function of organizing your papers but you want it to look good too, then maybe you are in the market for decorative file boxes. These file boxes are so well made and look so nice that they are as much furniture as office products. For a whole range of decorative file boxes, check out the website at and do a search for these products. You will be amazed at the file boxes made out of wood and wicker and decorated in such things as tile and mirrors. The links from will take you to file box sellers as well known and respected as Neiman Marcus and Horchow.

Finally, for something truly unique in office storage equipment, you may want to look into leather file boxes. These file boxes are covered in genuine leather for an old world look to a modern day document solution. A store that carries some of these elegant file boxes is called Old Durham Road and can be found on the website of the same name. Their leather file and media boxes will hold your important papers and music or data CDs like you are living in jolly old England. These are file boxes for the sophisticate in mind!

Accessories for File Boxes

When you get serious about doing some home or office organizing and you are out shopping for your file boxes, you won’t want to forget to get plenty of file box accessories as well. These accessories will ensure that you use your file boxes to their best effect and don’t end up just dumping your documents into them all willy nilly. That would help much with organization at all!

So, what kinds of accessories will you need for your file boxes? Well, probably you will want some hanging file folders, which will help you separate your files within individual file boxes. You might also need a good supply of manila folders, file dividers, and tabs for the folders on which you can write dates or other important information. Of course, you will probably want labels for the outsides of your file boxes as well to indicate the general contents. Add to these things the kinds of accessories you probably already have but might need more of when you get to organizing your file boxes. This includes things like paper clips, a stapler and staples, marking pens, post it notes, and the like.

Once you have all of your file boxes and accessories home or at your office and you start to get things in order, you will really feel better. Honest, you will. An organized workspace is a workspace that is efficient and pleasant to be in. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that having file boxes is like having some peace of mind.

Digital File Organization

Of course, for some people, they would simply like to get rid of boxes and files altogether. With a good scanner, or even sometimes just a good camera, you could organize a good chunk of your files on your computer or tablet! Organizing digital media has become a lot easier with media, and a lot easier for people to search and sort through as well. A computer is great for filing as you get you get your documents, and you can sync your documents with your tablet. Many people even work straight on their tablet so they can have instant access to all the information they need. If you haven't invested in a tablet yet, it's not hard to find an android tablet for cheap - you just have to do your research!

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you use paper or digital in order to place all your information on. Just as long as you choose a method of filing that is comfortable for you and easy for you to follow!


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