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Outdoor Garden Water Fountains

Updated on December 4, 2012
outdoor garden water fountain
outdoor garden water fountain | Source

Transform your garden into an open-air paradise and create a breathtaking sanctuary in your own home with the relaxing sounds of trickling water from outdoor garden fountains.

Garden fountains provide a soothing ambience and an artistic centre-piece for your own personal outdoor paradise.

Create a focal point in your garden or backyard with a delightful water garden fountain. Set on a backdrop of twining vines and glorious hostas, such wonderful outdoor water features bring your garden to life. While providing birds with a place to drink or cool off under a hot summer sun, garden fountains enhance your garden d├ęcor in a way you could not have dreamt possible.

Choose from a wide range of different types of garden fountains. From the smallest water feature to the largest, choose a fountain that will become the centre-piece of your lawn area, or a fountain that will sit against the wall of your home, or among the border plants.

All water fountains create negative ions in the air as the water tumbles down, which in turn boosts plant growth in the immediate vicinity.

Where ever you choose to situate your fountain, ensure it within hearing range so that you can enjoy the soothing tinkling sounds of the dripping water as it continues on its never-ending cycle.

outdoor garden water fountain
outdoor garden water fountain | Source

All fountains require a water pump to circulate the water, and this pump must be powered. Most are electric so you will need to have a power-point nearby, or contract an electrician to fit one for you.

Solar garden fountains, on the other hand, have low voltage water pumps that are powered simply with the solar panel which can catch the rays of the sun, even on cloudy days.

Garden fountains are very easy to install.

After delivery, most fountains can be installed and operating within an hour.

Garden fountains are especially good to have in warmer climates, where the just the gentle sounds of the bubbling waters can be as welcome as a cool breeze.

Because the water is constantly moving, small insects like mosquitoes cannot breed in a fountain. Birds will welcome the addition of such an outdoor water feature, and flock to your garden to cool off, and feast on any unwelcome garden insects you may have, like plant aphids.

In the evenings as the night draws in, bring a magical splash of color to your garden with colored lights round your fountain, to turn it into the most magical wonderland that will take your breath away.

Outdoors garden fountains stimulate all of your senses, from hearing, to sight, sound and even touch. Dipping your hand into the wonderful soft water of a fountain is like touching silk. It can also cool you down on a hot day.

The size of garden fountain you choose will depend on the amount of yard space you have available, but there is a superb range to choose from.

Made from a range of materials to suit your taste and style, from fiberglass through to bronze metals, there is sure to be a perfect model of outdoor fountain just for you.

Garden Fountains are now affordable to all

Once upon a time garden fountains were the exclusively for the very rich.

The gardens of stately homes and grand manors were not complete without a water fountain, built for show rather than personal enjoyment.

Now, thanks largely to innovative materials like resin and fibreglass, we can buy the most realistic looking garden fountains at affordable prices.

Turn your garden or yard into your own personal paradise, with an outdoor garden water fountain. There is sure to be one just waiting for you.


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