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Pine Cabinets

Updated on September 9, 2010

When designing the house of their dreams, most of the owners go for pine cabinets. The reasons are very simple: not only they have a convenient price, lower than other similar items, but they also give the possibility of being restyled by choice. Along with the rustic look, these advantages can’t be overlooked.

A strong argument for those looking for a pine cabinet is the variety of options they have to customize such a piece of furniture. You can find three types of pine colour: white, yellow and ponderosa. The best choice if you consider painting and staining it is the yellow one. Though it doesn’t have the density of the others, it can be easily painted and stained. Same happens to the white one, the difference being in the white tone. Ponderosa has the heartwood coloured in tones of red to orange and it needs to be more prepared before painting or staining.

Having a light tone, pine can be easily stained, while for other dark woods lighten them can prove rather difficult. Before starting to stain the pine, you should apply a wood conditioner, so you won’t get too light or too dark shades in the end. For best results, it is recommended to pre-sand it, to make the surface smooth and eliminate eventual scratches and dings. It is a soft wood, after all.

When applying the stain, try it before and observe how much time it needs to get dry before wiping it off, so you get a uniform shade of the cabinet once it dries. Although you apply the conditioner, it won’t get perfectly uniform. Therefore, you will need to apply a finish, whichever suit your taste.

Another choice that you have when it comes to pine cabinets is the paint you can apply. It is easy to paint such a cabinet and thus have a strong visual effect over the room. This way you save time and money and get efficiency. However, once you made up your mind upon the paint, be sure it is the right choice, as it will be difficult to remove.

If you wish to keep the natural look of your cabinet, than go for a clear coat. It is a considerably easy option with a beautiful result.

Whichever your needs and tastes are, you can be sure that if you chose a pine cabinet, it will result an interesting piece of furniture.


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