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Purchasing Solar Shades

Updated on June 13, 2013

By this time, we have all heard about the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays on our skin. We all know that when we go out in the sun for any length of time that we should put on sun block to protect us from these UV rays. Many types of skin problems can develop as a result of over exposure to UV rays including serious types of skin cancer. What’s more, the skin is subject to premature signs of aging when it gets too much exposure to sunlight over the years. Your eyes are also sensitive to UV rays, and can develop cataracts as a result.

Given that protecting yourself from UV rays is important when you are out of doors, doesn’t it make sense that you should get the same protection when you are at home? After all, the sun does pour into our homes every day through our windows. Thus, if we are able protect ourselves from these rays inside the home, we certainly should. One excellent way to do this is purchasing and installing solar shades on the windows of your house. These attractive solar shades will look great as window dressing while blocking the entrance of UV rays into your home.

A bare window lets in a lot of light -sometimes too bright for your eyes. Protect your eyes with solar shades.
A bare window lets in a lot of light -sometimes too bright for your eyes. Protect your eyes with solar shades.

Benefits of Solar Shades

Solar shades work for your home in the same way that sunglasses work for your eyes. The special fabrics that solar shades are made from act to block out the glare or ultraviolet rays from the sun while still letting light come through. Thus, solar shades let light into your home, and allow you to see through them, while reducing glare and the harmful effects of solar radiation.

In this way, sitting by a window equipped with solar shades is more healthy for your skin and eyes. It is also more comfortable because the glare of the sun is greatly reduced. You can still read or enjoy the light while reducing the discomfort.

In addition, just as the solar shades protect you by blocking UV rays, they will protect your furniture and other décor as well. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun can fade the fabrics of your couches, chairs, and other furniture and have harmful effects on artwork and other decorations. Solar shades thus lengthen the life of your furniture and save your hard earned pay check.

And solar shades save you money in another way as well. By blocking the glare of UV rays through your windows, you will also be blocking out much of the heat of the sun. One of the properties of solar shades is to let light pass through them but prevent solar heating. In this way, your home will be cooler and you can turn down your air conditioner. We all know how that can have a big effect on our energy bill in the summer.

Buying Solar Shades

When you start shopping for solar shades, you will notice that these window accessories come with different ratings. These ratings correspond the amount of openness of the shades, that is, the amount of light they let in. Thus, the higher the openness rating for a particular type of solar shade, the more light it will let in. A solar shade with an openness rating of five percent will block more light, and more UV rays, than a solar shade with a rating of ten percent.

Of course, the amount of light you will want your solar shades to let in will depend on the function of the room in which the shades are used as well as the amount of sun that strikes that side of your home. The great thing about many solar shades is that they are often retractable, whether on a hand-operated roller or with an automated system of retraction, therefore allowing you to easily control light entry into the home. Some of the automated solar shades can even be set to a timer, opening and closing at certain times of the day. Home owners should note that solar shades might not give you all the privacy you want, since they are more or less see through depending on the openness rating. For this reason, many people add curtains to windows equipped with solar shades.

With curtains or without, solar shades are a great investment for your home. They add beauty while serving some very important functions. Check with your dealer of solar shades today and see how they can improve your home and your life.


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