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Rouge Royal Rose Hybrid Tea

Updated on July 13, 2016

Rouge Royal

Rouge Royal
Rouge Royal | Source
Rouge Royal......In her glory  Soaking up the early morning sunshine
Rouge Royal......In her glory Soaking up the early morning sunshine | Source

Rouge Royal

Botanical Name: Rosa Meidkarouz

The buds of the deep burgundy red Rouge Royal open to reveal perfectly quartered bright raspberry red, old fashioned blooms.

The blooms are so sturdy that they hold up well in rain and heat.

The fragrance is as sweet as citrus and fresh ripe berries.

This flowers beautiful heavenly scented rose was the Winner of the Fragrance Award at the Rose Hills International Rose Trials in 2003.

The Rouge Royal Hybrid Tea with it's rich burgundy-red buds open to reveal bright raspberry-red, old-fashioned flowers. Plants grow up to 4 feet tall and presents flowers on long stems suitable for cutting. The flowers have up to 80 petals with a strong, berry and citrus fragrance. Good disease resistance.

Have you tried any of the perfumes ? Rouge Royal by Marina de Bourbon.

Hybrid Tea Roses

Peace Rose
Peace Rose | Source
Camp David" hybrid
Camp David" hybrid | Source
Double Delight Hybrid Tea
Double Delight Hybrid Tea | Source
'Soleil d'Or'
'Soleil d'Or' | Source

Cultivation Of A Hybrid Tea

The Rouge Royal is a hybrid tea rose.

The hybrid tea roses are large flowered roses, with long, straight , upright stems.

Hybrid tea roses came about by cross breeding two types of roses. Many crosses inherited a susceptibility to diseases from their ancestors.

The world's first hybrid tea was born in 1867 by La France. And then thought to be raised French nurseryman Jean-Baptiste Guillot. It was done by hybridising a tea rose..Madame Bravy with a hybrid perpetual, Madame Victor Verdier. And there you have it a hybrid tea.

The first healthy hybrid teas was achieved in 1945 by grower Francis Meilland with his yellow hybrid tea GLORIA DEI. The most popular class of garden rose of the 20th century was the rose PEACE, also introduce by Francis Meilland, this was at the end of World War II, and is one of the most popular rose cultivars.

The hybrid teas are probably the best known modern garden roses. They are repeat blooming from the first main flowering until the first hard frost.

The term hybrid tea refers to large flowered bedding roses, long stemmed excellent cutting flower.

Pruning Hybrid Tea Rose Bushes, With Urban Dirt at the Huntington Rose Garden,Including a very lovely Love story.

Demonstration in a technique called side or finger pruning that will help increase the size of rose and perennial blooms.

How To Prune A Hybrid Tea Rose Bush

Hybrid tea roses usually consist of large, fully double flowers

If you have a hybrid tea rose bush that has never been pruned or has not been pruned for a few years, there will be more deadwood and crossing shoots that will have to be removed.

If this is the case then you need to start by removing any dead or diseased wood.

Then you will need to prune all of the main stems by about half., or about 8-10 inches off of the ground. It is fine if you don't want to cut that much off, it really is a matter of personal opinion..I would however , not cut anymore than than 8 to 10 inches off.

Whenever it is at all possible, prune to an outward-pointing bud to give the bush more spread rather than a congested center.

Next up, remove any crossings or congested shoots. Most of these shoots can be cut back to their point of origin, however, if these shoots are really sparse, then just cut back to a healthy bud that is close the the base.

Strip off all the leaves, Seriously remove all the leaves...clean up under and around the bush , making sure to get all the fallen leaves..This is because if the rose had any fungus or any other disease, by removing the leaves, leaving nothing behind, you will have all new, healthy new foliage.

The bush at this point will seem sparse , but take heart , new and vigorous growth will soon appear and be beautiful once again. With even healthy growth and plenty of gorgeous flowers.

Rouge Royal

Rouge Royal
Rouge Royal | Source

Everything you need to know on growing roses


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