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St.Patrick Hybrid Tea Rose

Updated on July 12, 2016

St. Patrick

Roses are red , violets are blue.

Well not all roses are red and the St. Patrick Rose is is a perfect example of a beautiful non-red rose.

St. Patrick is a yellow hybrid tea rose, but with a hint of green tones. The green tones seem to be more evident during the hotter part of summer. It is a hardy bloomer with perfect form. The long stems make it an excellent cutting flower. The flowers tend to open slowly and last a long time.The fragrance is very mild and it is surrounded with chartreuse foliage. Hardy and disease resistant. Blooms summer through fall, continuously. A sturdy upright plant.

Rosa St. Patrick is an AARS winner

AARS = All American Rose Selections. A nonprofit association dedicated to the introduction and promotion of exceptional roses.

Bred by Frank A. Strickland (United States, 1986).
Introduced in United States by Weeks Wholesale Rose Grower. Inc. In 1996 as St. Patrick.

All-America Rose Selection


All American Rose Selections

The All-American-Rose-Selections (AARS) Is a national rose organization. It is a group of professional growers who test new varieties of roses, for two years, in gardens across the country.

The criteria that is used for testing, would include habit, vigor, hardiness, disease resistance, bloom frequency, foliage, flower form, substance, color, fragrance, and novelty.

Those that have the highest scores are given the acclaimed AARS award. You can look for these awards when choosing a rose to purchase.


St. Patrick Rose

4 feet to 6 feet
Bloom Type
Fully double
Bloom color
Yellow with green undertones
Heat bring out the green
Petal Count
Grey green
Brandy x Gold Medal

Note Worthy Comments : Heat brings out the color, Slow opening flowers, Great for cutting

Caring for Rosa St. Patrick

St. Patrick will Grow well in a fertile, moist, well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. Good air circulation.

As the saying goes "some like it hot " ..and St Patrick certainly does...It is a Slow opening rose that takes the heat. Large pointed buds open to big yellow blooms with a tinge of green.

Caring for your roses throughout the growing season will reward you with months of beautiful blooms from the beginning of warm weather until long after the first frost.

Watering : Roses that receive the right amount of water, grow better and the blooms are larger, the colors are brighter and they last longer. Roses should receive 1 inch of water per week. You can use a rain gauge as a guide. Water deeply once a week instead of watering lightly more often. If you have sandy soil or the weather is very hot, or windy, then you should water more often.

Fertilizing : Feed roses at least three times a year, Immediately after pruning, after the first bloom cycle, and two months before the first fall frost. To grow larger flowers, fertilize roses once a month during the growing season.

Use a prepared rose food or a balanced fertilizer such as 5-10-5.

Mulching : Roses grow better if the are mulched. In the summer mulch will help to keep the soil cool, helps to retain moisture and to control weeds.You can use organic mulches such as; wood chips, shredded leaves, or pine needles. These will help to enrich the soil.

Keep your rose garden weed free. Weeds will compete with rose plants for water and food. They are also breeding grounds for insects and disease, plus they are unattractive. Remove weeds as soon as possible when you see them appear.

You can apply a pre~emergence herbicide to rose and flower beds in the spring to prevent annual weeds from germinating.

Deadhead: It's a good idea to remove dead lowers, this encourages new growth for faster re~blooming.

A Single St. Patrick Rose


St.Patrick Rose

Hybrid Teas

The Hybrid tea rose , the classic beauty of today's roses.The buds upon opening, reveal a swirl of petals, with high-centered elegant blooms, in every imaginable color except blue. Blooming on plants 2 to 5 feet tall as they release the wonderful rose fragrance. As a single rose or in a bountiful bouquet, hybrid teas are perfect for cutting and bringing indoors.

Some other Hybrid Tea Roses include:

Garden Party

Chicago Peace

Chrysler Imperial




Touch of Class


Buying and planting your own root roses


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