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Reasons to shop for a square dining table

Updated on October 12, 2010

The square dining table dates back to as early as Egyptian times and were used centuries ago for large feasts and gatherings of nobles and royalty.  They were very large and typically made from solid wood.  Today they are used by almost everyone and for anything.  To similar large feasts, to the casual dinner and even a workspace for making your favorite craft items, the square table is an important piece in the home.  They come in many varieties and many price ranges, as well, and shopping tips come in the many.

It is important to weigh the pros and cons of particular tables and also the specific needs of your family and home itself.  If the family and home is rather large, perhaps a large square dining table for 8 can accommodate.  For a small one bedroom home or an apartment, a much smaller table is needed and usually the budget is of high concern as well.  Here I will provide some detailed shopping tips to help along with the adventure to not only save some cash, but get something that fits a practical need which helps justify some of that cost.

Shopping for Pre-owned Tables

Used or pre-owned tables can be a great way to go if not much money can be spared.  Buying used is even more of an excellent choice for new homeowners because, with so many other necessity items to buy, it is vital to spread the dollar as far as possible to have money left over in the end.  These tables can be found along the streets during spring time or at garage sales for the absolute best deal.  Online stores like eBay, Amazon, and Overstock are other great places to shop for used tables as well.  It is very likely to find someone throwing out brand new modern square dining table just because they don’t want the hassle of trying to sell it or perhaps a piece of it is broken and to them, spending more money is no problem!  They can cost around $50 to $100 for any standard table and for authentic or antique tables they can be around $500 to $800, depending on the rarity and condition, of course.

Shopping for Activity or Accent Tables

Shopping around for that extra piece that is missing in game room corner can be quite a hassle.  Using a small square dining table for activities other than dining is very common and possibly the most common uses is for in game rooms or rather; used as a card table.  These types of tables can also be used to accent a room with really has nothing spectacular about it.  Adding an additional table can give it purpose and make it feel useful.  Holding meetings at your business or on the patio as a picnic table, there are plenty of other reasons to use a dining table for more than just dining.  A contemporary square dining table can really be useful in this type of situation because with its modern looks, it feels as though the purpose is meant for modern activities like entertainment and business.  Expect to pay a little less than a typical solid hardwood table but around $100 to $200 for something standard.  They can be over $350 for elegant, high quality accent tables or especially handmade card tables with accessory compartments built in.

Shopping for that Perfect Family Table

This type of table usually entails a large square dining table to seat all of your family and guests comfortably.  Many families like to choose a wooden style rather than contemporary to have the solid and authentic feeling when dining.  Wood, if taken care of properly, can last throughout generations and carry a lot of history with it.  Perhaps giving history is why these large dining tables are common throughout family tradition.  The truth is, some family tables passed through history can be literally priceless while antique dining tables can sell up to $200,000 at antique auctions.  If something more standard is necessary, retail prices can be anywhere from $300 for a small table to $1,400 for an extendable table and over $2,000 for a large, solid hardwood table to seat as many as eight or more.  Most tables are made from hardwood and are finished with a protecting stain and sealer.  Wax is also occasionally used to act as a layer of protection from scratches and unwanted stains.

There are more fun and exciting ways to shop online for furniture and more importantly, dining tables!  With all sorts of features to help you find what’s in the budget as well as particular design features you may be finicky about.  If old fashioned is more your style, try shopping as some well known furniture stores like Ashley Furniture and Thomasville who hold many years and generations of high quality furniture expertise.


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