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Shower Chairs – Finding The Right Shower Seats

Updated on April 22, 2010
Shower Chair
Shower Chair

Shower chairs can be very helpful for people who need a little assistance during their morning care routine.  If you are a little unsteady on your feet, you may like the extra support that can be gained from the right shower chair being placed in the shower or in your bath.  Here are some great shower seats that you can buy online from Amazon.

Medline Shower Chair

This is a great shower chair for anyone who needs something that gives added support and security while showering.  The use of a shower seat will give someone who is disabled or someone who is a little unsteady on their feet the ability to be independent. 

This chair is made from a durable and robust plastic that is surrounded by a rust-resistant and lightweight aluminum frame.  Each of the four legs has a suction cup on the ends in order to provide extra stability so that you can be sure that the shower chair will not slip and slide around in the shower tray or bathtub.

This bathing chair has been made to be able to withstand up to 250lbs of weight and is wide enough to accommodate any body shape with comfort and ease.

The seat has been made to be adjustable so that you can raise and lower it to the optimal height to suit you.

White shower chair with arms from Ableware
White shower chair with arms from Ableware

Ableware Shower Chair with Arms

This is a white shower chair for the disabled that is also perfect to use as a bath chair. It has a back rest and arm rest so that your body has complete support while you are bathing.

The back and the arms are all removable which will also aid in making it a lot easier to maneuver in and out of your bath. This chair not only comes with great suction pads on each leg to make sure the seat doesn’t move around while you are using it. It also comes with a very handy feature where you can clip your shower head so that it is within easy reach.

The legs are fully adjustable so you set it to the height of your choosing. It can be between 16 – 21 inches high. The width of the seat measures 22 inches which provides a good amount of space. This chair has been made so that it can hold a weight of up 300lbs and is also durable and rustproof.

Duro Med White Shower Stool
Duro Med White Shower Stool

Duro-Med Shower Tub Stool

If you prefer something a little more compact for your shower room, you could purchase this four legged shower stool.

This is the perfect seat for a more compact shower space.

It is made from heavy duty anodized aluminum tubing which means that it is made from a material that will last for years and years.

The round seat is made from molded polystyrene and the complete chair is rust resistant and slip resistant due to the safety tips on the bottom of the legs.

Alternatively you could you this handy white stool once you have stepped out of the shower.  You could have a comfortable place to seat while you towel dry those hard to reach places such as the lower sections of your legs as well as your feet.


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