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Finding The Best Digital Bathroom Scales Online

Updated on March 20, 2011
Digital bathroom scales from EatSmart
Digital bathroom scales from EatSmart

Buy A Digital Bathroom Scale

If you are looking for a smart way to keep an eye on your figure you should consider investing in a lovely pair of digital bathroom scales. There is a wide choice on offer and you can easily compare and contrast what is available online from Amazon.

Here are a few examples of what you can buy now.

Silver EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale

This is a nice and elegant set of digital scales that are easy to use. This is exactly the type of thing you need when you are working hard to lose weight and want to be able to track your progress at regular intervals.

This EatSmart bathroom scale works by using 4 AAA batteries. You will get a packet included in this purchase. All you need to do is tap the scale and step onto it. Within a matter of seconds you will get a readout of what your weight is to the nearest 0.2lb.

The LCD display panel measures 3.5 inches so it is nice and easy to read your results. The visibility has been improved even more due to the cool-blue backlight on the display unit. You will find that even in a bathroom with a low level of light, you will have no problem reading the screen.

This slim line bathroom scale is made from high quality tempered glass and is so strong that it is able to bear up to 330lbs in weight.

The tempered glass is surrounded by a large non-slip platform which gives added safety and durability.

Omron Body Fat Monitor
Omron Body Fat Monitor

Omron Body Fat Monitor and Scale

This is an integrated digital bathroom scale with a body fat monitor. This is a very popular scale as it enables up to four people to be able to fully monitor how their body is developing and how their level of fat is either increasing or decreasing over time.

The inbuilt intelligent system can store the required information in order to give accurate readings each and every time you step on the scale.

In order for the scales to work, a low level electrical current pulses through the body while you are standing on it. This is the way the body fat and muscle tissue are measured. This information is then translated and the figures appear on the digital display.

If you are looking for a scale that will not only measure your weight but also provide an accurate reading of body fat percentage and body mass index, then the Omron Body Fat Monitor scale could be the perfect addition to your bathroom.

Health o Meter Digital scales
Health o Meter Digital scales

Health o Meter 18 Digital Scale with LCD Display

The Health o Meter digital scale is another example of a sleekly designed item that would look lovely in any bathroom setting.

It has a large LCD display screen to make reading the results of your weigh-in very easy.

Digital scales are so much easier to use than the old traditional style scales and they can look like striking pieces of contemporary artwork if you pick the right one.


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