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Finding The Best Waterproof Shower Radio Online

Updated on February 18, 2011
Conair waterproof shower radio
Conair waterproof shower radio

Buy The Best Shower Radio

If you enjoy taking a shower and singing along to your favourite tunes at the same time, you should consider investing in a waterproof shower radio. There is no need to worry about getting the equipment a little bit wet as they are made specifically for the purpose of being used near water.

Here are a few waterproof shower radios that are available to buy online at Amazon.

Conair Waterproof Shower Radio

This is a great example of what is available to buy online. This is a radio that has both AM and FM reception. You can therefore choose to listen to the music of your choice or talk radio shows if that is more your thing.

The Conair shower radio is shaped just like a shower bottle and has a very handy hook that you can easily clip onto the hook just below your shower head attachment holder.

This particular brand of radio comes in a range of colours including blue, pink, green and orange. This radio needs 4 AAA batteries in order for it to work and you get a set of these batteries included in the price.

White Sony waterproof shower radio
White Sony waterproof shower radio

Sony AM/FM/Weather Band Digital Tuner Shower Radio

If you are looking for a multi band shower radio, this Sony manufactured product is a great choice. It also comes equipped with a built in digital clock which is always handy when you are in the shower.

This is one way to ensure that you are not late for work or school.

There is also a built in memory bank which allows you to programme and pre-set up to 20 different radio stations so that you can swap and change whenever the mood takes you at the touch of a button.

This waterproof radio also comes supplied with a hanging strap that you can use to hang either over a door handle or on the end of your shower attachment. As it is water resistant, you do not have to worry about causing any damage.

Jensen waterproof shower radio
Jensen waterproof shower radio

Jensen JWM-120 AM/FM Shower Radio

This is a very sleek looking shower radio from a company called Jensen. It features an AM and FM tuner so that you have a lovely wide variety of radio programmes to choose from.

There is a huge Mylar speaker in the centre of the radio and it is encased in a plastic cabinet casing which makes is splash resistant.

There is a useful hook that can be used to place this radio within your shower cubicle with great ease.  Alternatively this radio has been constructed so that it has a level base.  This means that you have more choices as to where you can use it.  It could be a lovely radio to place on your bedside table or you could use it in the kitchen or a workroom.  

The design also makes it a perfect choice for children to use as it is made from quite robust materials.  In order to work this radio, you just need to purchase 4 AAA batteries and place them in the chamber.


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