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So You Want to Buy a Home in Louisville, KY?

Updated on May 26, 2009

A Basic Guide to Buying Louisville, KY Real Estate

Louisville, KY is a great place to call home! The vibrant culture, the spectacular architecture, the beautiful, open countryside - all fantastic reasons to call Louisville, KY home. If you already reside in this wonderful city, then you need no further introduction, and if you are thinking about moving to Louisville, read on to learn more about buying a home in Louisville, KY.

First, a few basics about buying real estate in Kentucky... In Kentucky, you have the right to secure buyer's representation that is loyal to your best interests when buying a home. This is beneficial to you not only as a way to relieve some of the burdens of buying a home, but also to help you manage and guide the transaction to closing. Typically, the buyer's agent is compensated by the seller through a commission split. You should always verify the type of representation, also called agency, that you are agreeing to when working with a real estate agent.

The next step is to begin to search for a home in Louisiville, KY that will fit your wants and needs in a new home. When you search for a new Louisville home I recommend that you first settle on a price range and an area to begin your search. Louisville has several major highways that bisect the area and two loop connectors that surround the city. Depending on where you will spend most of your time in the city, you can use the highway system to subdivide your search.

During your search for a home for sale in Louisville, KY you should also begin to interview real estate agents to help you find and buy your new home. Once you have found a good real estate agent, then you can begin to go view the homes that most interest you and consider which one you wish to buy.

Once you have secured an accepted contract on your new home many buyers of real estate in Louisville, KY take advantage of professional home and pest inspectors. You must ensure that you negtiated the proper contingencies to do this as it is a great way to further protect your interests when buying a home.

The final steps involved in buying a home in Louisville, KY revolve around preparing the title to the property for a legal transfer. You should consult your real estate agent and a real estate attorney about the best ways to hold title to the property for you and the most favorable ways you can protect your best interests. At closing, you will sign all of the required legal paper work to now hold title to the new home.

You can contact the author with any questions you have about buying a home in Louisville, KY.


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