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Teak Furniture

Updated on October 22, 2011

Teak furniture is most demanded by consumers these days, due to its durability, in comparison with pine, cedar, oak and redwood. It is more expensive as other wood furniture but its resistance against elements and weather make it worth of the price. It gives a posh glance to your interior decoration whether your décor is classical or trendy.

TEAK: The Wood

Teak wood is yellowish – brown is color. It has good grains and texture which make it wood of choice for boats, indoor furniture, outdoor furniture and flooring. It has strong resistance against weathering, rotting, insects, outdoor elements and fungi.

Because of presences of silica cause blunting of tools’ edge but still it is easy to work on. Its natural oils make it more resistant than other woods. that is why it is consider best for crafting boats, doors, centerpiece dining tables, patio furniture, indoor furniture and outdoor furniture.

The Teak Furniture

Due to its resistance against element and weathering effects, teak is choice for making furniture; indoor and outdoor both. Teak is comparatively rarely available and relatively expensive than other woods used in making for furniture.

But it’s durable to even stand firm against weathering for more than half a century. Money you spend for teak furniture is worth of it as your future generations can use it. Attribute to its long life expectancies, teak is well thought-out as eco-friendly wood that can stand against worst climate condition even unprotected or unfinished. You can use it for outdoors, patios, poolside, deck, sun rooms, lawns and garden all round a year.

People consider teak as ideal for furniture, chiefly for outdoor furniture. Plastics broken down and discolor if left uncovered in sun, it is also broken down by high temperature.

Iron is heavy is carry and get warm in sunlight. Tubular metals bent and break easily. Teak is free of all these worries. It is tougher than plastic, cooler and lighter than cooler than iron and stronger than tubular.

Teak is more durable and tough resistant than other materials use is making furniture. It is consider as a better choice for making dining tables and chairs, sun loungers, benches, park benches, bookcases, deep seating, Adirondacks, shade umbrella and market umbrellas. Being ideal for outdoor furniture teak is equally good for indoor décor as well. It has best resistance against humidity and termite. 

Teak Furniture Lifestyle

Teak furniture is most chosen by consumers among about 400 species of wood use for furniture making.  Bed sets and bookcases are most common in indoor teak furniture, can be seen more in classic houses that fellows traditional décor.

Trendy décor also encourage the use of teak furniture as teak give straightforwardness to craftsmen to design it more creatively. It yellowish brown is gives magnificent look to your bedrooms, dining halls livings and lounges.

In past days, teak furniture is mostly used by kings, kings’ officials, nobles, emperors and ministers in palace and bastions. But these days we can see it in common houses. Its popularity is increasing with new trends of décor and proportionally its price as well. But it worth that price, as it is durable and strong enough to serve you and your generations. 

How To Take Care Of Teak Furniture?

Teak is considered is ‘gold standard’ for outdoors as it is tough against harsh weather.  Teak, even if left in its natural state, is maintenance and repair free. 

This wood can take care of itself. To maintain new look of the furniture or to give your inherit furniture and home décor just-come-from-the-market look, there are Teak Guards are available is market. It helps in maintaining its rich yellow-brown honey color. 

Teak is wood of tropical trees; it has strong confrontation for varying temperatures. You need to apply Teak Guard or Teak Oil just once and twice a year. But before applying, be sure there is no dust on the furniture.

Brush your furniture properly in details so it would be absolutely dust free. Be sure that your furniture is completely dry at the time you’re oiling it. Moisture or dust particles can cause black spots after oiling, which can hurt the beauty of your dear furniture.

Remember not to put any other oil, varnish, coat, after coat, polish on your teak furniture than Teak Oil or teak Guard. 


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