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How to Clean Your House Fast!

Updated on January 5, 2015

Gather up Cleaning Supplies

Gather Your Tools for a fun experience cleaning.
Gather Your Tools for a fun experience cleaning.

Cleaning the House in Record Time

Cleaning your home in record time can yield you a spotlessly clean house. Cleaning does not have to be a boring job, nor do you have to rush through it like a wild person. Set the scene for your cleaning time and make the plan. Write a list of all that needs to be done, and have fun crossing off each item as it is completed. Gather all the equipment you will need. Put on some music which will create a lively atmosphere and get you moving. And the end result after a fairly short period of time is a clean home. How long it stays that way is another story.

Use rubber gloves to protect your hands

Protect your hands with rubber gloves
Protect your hands with rubber gloves

Gather your Tools

  1. A micro fiber rag
  2. A micrco fiber mop
  3. Paper towels
  4. Bathroom cleaner (soft scrub works well)
  5. White Vinegar
  6. Furniture polish
  7. A broom
  8. A vacuum cleaner
  9. A spray bottle of water

Have your supplies ready to go

Vinegar is a great  cleaner
Vinegar is a great cleaner
Stop for a cup of coffee when you are finished
Stop for a cup of coffee when you are finished

Begin Your Cleaning Experience

You can work in any order that you like--wherever the mood hits. You may want to start with your favorite or least favorite job.

  1. Head into the bathroom (s) and clean your tub with Soft Scrub cleaner and rags. Clean the toilets inside and out. Clean the sinks with soft scrub and polish the chrome with the micro fiber rag.
  2. Use your Micro fiber rag on the mirrors and chrome with just a spritz from your water bottle.
  3. Clean the floors with your micro fiber mop and water
  4. Admire your clean bathroom.

Polish the Furniture

Using another microfiber rag and a light coating of furniture polish, do all the furniture and cabinets. If the music is lively try dancing through the rooms. If your preference is slow and thoughtful music stop for a cup of tea or coffee. Why not--the house is going to get clean sooner or later.

Glass, Granite and Mirror Surfaces

Check around the house with your Micro fiber rag and dust over any surfaces that are not wood. All you need is to add a little water to the micro fiber rag and it does the job.

The Blinds, Shades and Windowsills

For a detailed cleaning you will want to clean the blinds (if you have them). windowsills and windows. Use your micro fabric wrap and mix a bowl of of half and half water and white vinegar. This job should only be done every two months. If the sills get dirty in between just wipe up with a damp paper towel.

The Floors

Finish up your experience of cleaning the house with the floors. Mop all the non-carpeted areas with your micro fiber mop and water. Vacuum the carpets.

Clean the Kitchen

Dampen your microfiber rag and wipe down all the appliances. Clear off everything from the counters and clean with vinegar and water which will take off grease and left over bits of food. Sweep the floors with a broom before mopping. Vinegar is a great natural cleaner and you can use it on all appliances and add a little to your water when you use your micro fiber mop. If you are feeling ambitious clean out the drawers and cupboards you use often and give them a once over with your damp microfiber rag.

The Finale

Do a final pickup in the house and be sure everything is put in its proper place. Remember to reward yourself with a few minutes of relaxing and having a cool or hot drink. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Cleaning is over for a while until next week when the routine begins again of house cleaning.


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      7 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Clean Your House Fast awesome ways to clean ones house in such a simple ways

    • carol7777 profile imageAUTHOR

      carol stanley 

      8 years ago from Arizona

      thank you Rajan: I feel healthier since we have met and eating all the good stuff..I now know many benefits. Thanks for that writing and keep it up.

    • carol7777 profile imageAUTHOR

      carol stanley 

      8 years ago from Arizona

      CrisSP...I just got this response...It never showed up...and that happens sometime. So I am thanking you very late but nevertheless thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 

      8 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA.

      some fine house cleaning tips here, Carol. I find music to be a greatly motivating and relaxing.

      Voted up, useful and shared.

    • CrisSp profile image


      8 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

      I love cleaning my house and I enjoy doing so. And when I do, I usually would just put on the TV in the kitchen and put it on the local news channel. My daughter think I'm bizarre and I have OCD. Lol! Thing is I just want to come home to a clean house and to see that everything is in place.

      Next time, I'll put on the music instead and dance or sing-along while cleaning my house.

      Cool tips you have here Carol! Have a great weekend. You're not cleaning your house today, are you?

    • carol7777 profile imageAUTHOR

      carol stanley 

      8 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you so much. Cleaning is not always fun but why not make the most of it.

    • midget38 profile image

      Michelle Liew 

      8 years ago from Singapore

      Now cleaning is not going to be a boring job with your suggestions, Carol. Will do as you say, and do it to lively music and have the right equipment ready. Thanks for the tips, am sharing.

    • dragonflyfla profile image

      Joy Campbell 

      9 years ago from South Florida

      Hi Carol,

      I always put on my favorite songs when doing makes it go so much faster. Thanks for the tips.



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