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What is Toilet Seat Riser and How to Choose One?

Updated on December 18, 2015
Toilet Seat Riser
Toilet Seat Riser

Toilet seat riser is a special item that you can add to your toilet bowl to raise the height of the existing toilet seat so that it can provide additional assistance to the user while sitting onto and standing up from the toilet. This item is specially designed to cater the need of elderly person who might need assistant when going to the toilet.

People who have just had hip joint replacement surgery can also benefit from this device too. They can leverage the use of their hands to lift them up instead of depending entirely on the strength of their hips, which have yet to recover; doing so will make the surgery wound worsen.

Using this device is very simply, just put it on top of the toilet replacing entirely of your existing toilet seat or as an additional item to the existing toilet seat; lift the lid up and place it on top of the seat. Basically it substitutes your existing seat whichever that you choose.

How to Choose the Right Toilet Seat Riser

Toilet Seat Riser with arms
Toilet Seat Riser with arms
Toilet Seat Riser with arms and legs
Toilet Seat Riser with arms and legs

When getting for a toilet seat riser, there are some common features that you need to look into.

First thing is whether you need to get one with arms and legs. The addition arms offer additional assistance and support for users who have problem with their hips (as mentioned above; elderly person and people with hip replacement surgery).

The additional legs, on the other hand, provide a wider base support and decrease the possibility of seat movement or slipping. Seat with this added features cost more than those normal ones.

The second thing that you must look into is the width of the seat. Make sure that it can or will fit perfectly with your existing toilet. Else it might slip off from the toilet when someone is sitting on it.

For extra safety precautions, you might even want to consider the one that comes with locking mechanism, normally a big clip that will fasten the seat onto your toilet; please note that it does not utilizes toilet seat hinges, it is a standalone clip that comes with the seat.

However, this is not always necessary if the seat can fit well on the toilet. Pay attention to these points when you go shopping for one.

Toilet seat riser usually is made of lightweight but rigid plastic that can be easily clean and comfortable to sit on. By the way, this seat comes in many different shapes and you need to get one that has the same shape as your toilet.

Although this seat is quite versatile, you need to check whether a regular or elongated oval shape that you need. In case, if you aren’t sure about this, ask for assistance from the store, they definitely can help you in this.

Amazon is a good place to start shall you need to search one online. Besides, it also offers quite a lot of discounts compare to other online stores.


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