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Use a Family Toilet Seat to Potty Train Your Kids

Updated on March 9, 2015

If you have small kids at home, you will most probably find a family toilet seat to be a very useful toilet improvement kit. This specially designed toilet seat enables you to potty train your kids without having to buy a new kid toilet bowl or a potty training chair. This family seat has actually help many households around the States or even the world to cost when raising the children.

One of the greatest advantages or benefits that a family toilet seat offers for a house hold family is that it eliminates entirely the need of building a complete new toilet that specially caters the kids. Constructing a kid-size toilet costs quite a lot and not all people can afford it. You would at least have to fork out one to two thousands dollars to have one built and only if you have the space for it. Another thing is that the hassle that you need to go through during the construction of the new kid toilet.

So what is a family toilet seat?

A family seat is actually a seat that is specially designed to cater both the needs of the kid (for potty training purpose) and adult; it is used to replace the normal toilet seat that you use at home. With the dual seat function that it has, you can now avoid the need for using separate and unstable toilet seat attachments. Using a separate seat attachment is very troublesome as you will need to remove the normal seat when your kids need to use it and again has the kid seat removed when is your turn.

Toilet seat for the family is made up of two pieces of solidly constructed custom seat; one for adults and one for children and which are incorporated into one single unit. This seat is built to last; the whole family still can use it even when the kids are grown older. The kid size seat has a smaller seating area that allows you to potty train your kid easily. This seat fits your kid perfectly and you can rest assure that your child can site on it in a most relaxed position. This will surely make potty training an easy task.

Family Toilet Seat
Family Toilet Seat

On the other hand, the larger seating area which is similar to a normal seat caters the needs of the adults. Just like the normal seat, you won’t feel any difference or if it will cause any discomforts. The overlapping lid was creatively designed to keep air-borne bacteria to a minimum, so no worry too much.

There is two variations that you can choose from; a seat that made of plastic or the one that made of wood. For the wood version, it is normally made from teak wood as it is resistant to moisture and durable. Depends on the brand and model, a wood seat will normally cost higher than the plastic seat. Teak wood is of the highest quality and thus, more expensive. One thing for sure that, your kid can lifts up the lid for both the plastic and wood type.

How to use a family seat?

For the kid’s use, all you need to do is just lift up the lid will reveal the small but perfectly size seating are for the kid (usable for children up to ten years old). Lifting up both the lid and the children seating area will reveal the larger seating area for the adults. It’s very simple and every one can understand how to use it without any instructions. How you use the normal toilet seat is how you use this one.

So unless you want to have a renovation to be done onto your toilet, a family toilet seat is what you need for your family. The seat can be used for many years to come and through multiple children as long as you don’t break it purposely and of course, they are made to be durable.

Xpress Trainer Pro All in One Family Toilet Seat

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Xpress Trainer Pro Family Toilet SeatXpress Trainer Pro Family Toilet Seat - Lid DownXpress Trainer Pro Family Toilet Seat - Lid Up, Revealing the Potty Training SeatXpress Trainer Pro Family Toilet Seat - Lid and Potty Seat UP, Revealing The Adult SeatXpress Trainer Pro Family Toilet Seat - For Standard Toilet Bowl
Xpress Trainer Pro Family Toilet Seat
Xpress Trainer Pro Family Toilet Seat | Source
Xpress Trainer Pro Family Toilet Seat - Lid Down
Xpress Trainer Pro Family Toilet Seat - Lid Down
Xpress Trainer Pro Family Toilet Seat - Lid Up, Revealing the Potty Training Seat
Xpress Trainer Pro Family Toilet Seat - Lid Up, Revealing the Potty Training Seat | Source
Xpress Trainer Pro Family Toilet Seat - Lid and Potty Seat UP, Revealing The Adult Seat
Xpress Trainer Pro Family Toilet Seat - Lid and Potty Seat UP, Revealing The Adult Seat | Source
Xpress Trainer Pro Family Toilet Seat - For Standard Toilet Bowl
Xpress Trainer Pro Family Toilet Seat - For Standard Toilet Bowl | Source

Xpress Trainer Pro family seat is a bestseller on Amazon and it has received the highest ranking among all family seats that are available there. One of the biggest selling point of this seat is its affordability. Selling at $32.99 for standard seat (click to check out the standard seat version) and $35.99 for the elongated version (click to check out elongated seat version), this is really a bargain. Other big brand such as Kohler would at least costs you about $68 for one piece.

Xpress Trainer Pro seats are made of plastic, so your kids will definitely can lift the lid up. On top of that, the lid will pretty much stay at the place where it is moved, so no need to worry if it will going to slam back on your kid little fingers; it's safe for small kids.

The lid and the kid potty training seat are actually made up of one, so when both are lifted up, you won't spot any difference. This is also true when both the lid and the kid seat are down, which you won't spot any uneven structure between the two pieces. It is carefully crafted so that it looks good even having an extra seat in between the lid and the normal seat (check out the slides above to see how this seat works).

Another great feature about this seat is that it is the only plastic family seat in the market where you can use strong cleanser such as Clorox wipes or bleach to watch it. The plastic surface won't get melted or discolored when exposed to such a heavy cleanser. This is very important as we all know that the toilet is filled with gems and strong cleansers will definitely be able to get rid of them as least 99.99%.

Drawback: The only downside about this family toilet seat is that it might break if a 'too heavy' person sits on it. This family seat is made of plastic so it is not as strong as a wooden seat. Go for a wooden family seat if that is necessary.


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