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Buying The Best Toy Box For Girls

Updated on January 6, 2010
Disney Fairies toy box for girls
Disney Fairies toy box for girls

Where To Buy A Toy Box For Girls

A toy box for girls is an absolute essential if you are looking for good storage ideas for your daughters’ things.  A very good way to keep a bedroom, a nursery or a playroom in order is to ensure that all the toys and storybooks have their own place.  Here are some toy chests that you can buy online from Amazon today.

Disney Fairies Toy Box

If your child is a big fan of all things Disney then this smart Disney toy box will be a welcome addition to any bedroom, nursery or playroom. It is a brightly coloured and highly decorative storage box that is made from a mixture of very durable wood and medium density fiberboard. 

It will take no time at all to assemble this box and you will find that once you have put it together, that there is a lot of room for toys, plushes and storybooks to be packed away.

The painted design on this box features lots of little Disney fairies including little Tinkerbelle who are all sitting on top of pastel painted flowers.

Child safety is a very important issue when it comes to providing good quality products and this toy box has been made with safety hinges and a gap that is appropriately sized between the hinges so that no child will be able to get their fingers stuck or injured.

The perfect toy box for girls from Room Magic
The perfect toy box for girls from Room Magic

Room Magic Toy Box For Girls

If you are looking for excellent storage for a child’s room then this toy box could be the answer.  It is large enough to hold a wide range of toys, clothing, bedding or any other objects.  This will make the task of keep a child’s room tidy very easy indeed.

This toy box is made from solid birch wood so it is completely robust and will withstand a lot of weight.  The size of this storage box measures 32”L, 18”W, 19”H.  This is the perfect size for this sort of box to be placed at the end of a kid’s bed. 

The style of this particular toy box features a purple teapot with 2 pink tea cups.  These have all been fashioned out of birch wood veneers and attached to the surface.  A calming pastel shading of pinks and purples have been used. 

The safety element is very important with all things made for children and this is no exception.  The lid has been attached with safety hinges and a very little spacing so that little fingers can not get trapped or hurt.

There are other styles that feature on the front of this toy box that you can choose.  These include a storage box with the emblem of a truck on the side.  This would be more suitable for a boy’s room.  There is also a toy chest with little fishes decorating the side.


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