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Dora Explorer Doll – All About Dora The Explorer Dolls

Updated on February 22, 2011
Dora Explorer Doll - dress up adventure
Dora Explorer Doll - dress up adventure

Buy A Dora Explorer Doll

Dora The Explorer dolls are very popular dolls in many households. There are Dora the Explorer books, Dora clothing and Dora toys that you can choose from.

Here are just a few examples of Dora Explorer dolls that you can buy from online from Amazon today.

Fisher-Price Dora the Explorer: Dress-Up Adventure Dora

If your little girl loves everything about Dora The Explorer and she loves to play dress up, then this is a great toy.

This Dora doll is 15.5 inches tall and is dressed in cute jeans and a pink T Shirt. She is ready to go on an adventure and has her handy travel backpack, her travel diary and her little puppy to take with her.

Once you have purchased this lovely little doll, you can buy different types of outfits to dress Dora up so that she is ready for all the different types of adventures that you can imagine. You can make your dress up collection and big or small as you wish.

Fisher Price Sleepy Dreams Dora Explorer Doll
Fisher Price Sleepy Dreams Dora Explorer Doll

Fisher-Price Sleepy Dreams Dora

This is the perfect little doll for any girl who would like to play pretend mommy. It is called Sleepy Dreams Dora and when you lay her down, her eyes will close and she will look like she has fallen asleep.

This doll also speaks and the phrases change when she is in awake mode and when she is about to go into sleep mode. There are up to 10 different phrases, a musical bedtime melody and a bedtime song that can be heard when you press Dora’s belly.

Included in this package, is a soft sleeping bag, a bright pink hairbrush and a bedtime storybook. This is a great baby doll for any little girl to cuddle up to and fall asleep together with.

Dora Explorer Sparkle & Twirl Mermaid Doll
Dora Explorer Sparkle & Twirl Mermaid Doll

Fisher-Price Dora Sparkle & Twirl Mermaid Doll

If you have daughters that absolutely love Dora, then this is a great addition to their collection. When Dora is placed into the magic seashell, she will sing and spin around. Her arms will rise into the air and she will slowly transform, that is to say her skirt will transform into a mermaid’s tail.

There is a story button on the base that you can press and you will be able to listen to Dora’s exciting travel stories. To operate this toy you just need batteries, which are all included in this package.

The Dora doll can also be played with separately from the base. You just need to unlock it from its base and you can play happily with the doll on its own.


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